Generic Swegway Clone Hoverboard

You will fall off. This is the hazard you accept when using the Hoverboard. Any damage to yourself or anybody else or to any property is entirely your responsibility.

Familiarise yourself with the manual before use.
Use within BV studios is tolerated by Robert (Building owner and manager) However he has expressly asked us to not take it into the toilets.
Use within the Hackspace G10 + G11 is tolerated by the committee and membership. Please consider people and equipment around you when in motion. Report any faults or abnormal behaviour to the google group.

  • Familiarise yourself with the manual before use.
  • Be aware of other people around you. Don't bump into them and be respectful of usage space around the area you are hovering.
  • Do not exceed your capability when riding the hoverboard.
  • Be aware the control is sensitive to uneven ground and small debris.
  • Tie long hair back (preferably tucking it into clothing). Be aware of beards if appropriate.
  • Don't wear loose clothing that might catch on any moving part.
  • Take care when going through doors.
  • On no account use the hoverboard to ram open a door and potentially cause damage.

Although not mandatory please consider using the following equipment for protection while using this machine:

  • Hard Hat
  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Please replace the Hoverboard to its usual resting place an put on charge for the next user.
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