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If you have wanted to see how your electronic project is working or failing, you have probably thought of using an oscilloscope. While 'scopes are simple enough for schoolchildren to use, there can be traps for the unwary. This practical skillshare is for beginners and people who want to consolidate their skills so they can use 'scopes effectively and safely.

At the end you will learned:

  The basic parts of a 'scope, the principal controls on the front panel, and the principal specifications.
  Some ways in which you can damage 'scopes, UUTs, and people; this will reduce (but not eliminate) smoke, bangs and screams.
  Why probing technique is important and there are different types of probe
  When a 'scope is the wrong tool to use.
  A high-level test debugging strategy suitable for many problems.

and you will have used Hackspace's analogue 'scopes and other digital 'scopes to:

  Make basic measurements of time, frequency and voltage.
  Investigate analogue noise and interference on from a switching PSU.
  Determine whether a digital signal is a valid digital signal.
  Decode a digital datastream from an Arduino and/or a USB port.
  See some ways in which 'scopes and probes can and do lie to you.

In order to make best use of the time, there will be a little preparatory reading to be done before the skillshare, and pointers to further information will be supplied afterwards.

There will be spaces for around 8 people.

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