Mead Makers

This skillshare is run as a workshop during which you will make one gallon of Mead. Hopfully this will be ready to drink for the Christmas Festive period.

Hackspace will provide all the hardware and chemicals etc via the ticket price and you get to keep the demijohn and a few sundry items.

As space is limited you will work in pairs (unless you buy two tickets)

Mead can be a highly technical and prestigious thing to some brewers however we will be sticking to a simple and easy to follow recipe using easily obtainable hardware and brewing chemicals. None the less the results are stunning considering how easy it is to make.

By the end of the session you'll:

  Know how to follow a basic Mead brewing recipe. 
  Have a gallon of mead 4.5l

Participants need to bring:

  2 kg Cheap runny honey per working pair, ie 1kg each. 

Mead instructions in both Open Office and PDF format.
Participant Instructions ODT
Participant Instructions PDF

Instructor notes for running this workshop, facilities needed and check list of equipment to have prepared before the event.
Check list for running this workshop


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