by Tom Gardner

Tuesday 6th June 2017 19:00 - 21:00 Room G11

Oscilloscopes are widely used with electronic, mechatronic, and embedded software systems not only to locate and debug faults, but also to verify correct operation. Like all instruments, scopes be used in cunning and interesting ways - but they can also be deviously misleading in ways glossed over in introductory texts.

This skillshare will introduce some unusual and/or advanced measurements, and show some examples of how 'scopes can actively mislead the unwary into missing problems that do exist, or thinking there are problems that don't exist.

This is not a beginners' introduction to 'scopes; it is assumed that participants are already familiar with using 'scopes, and have preferably been on earlier oscilloscope skillshare.


The event is limited to 6 participants. Buy Tickets from Eventbrite: Link to Ticket page

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