If you want to add to these or have a better way to word existing ones then edit them here and print out and stick up a new copy.

Our aims are to open up technology to anybody who takes an interest in it.

Web site: http://bristol.hackspace.org.uk/

Mailing list: http://bristol.hackspace.org.uk/maillist

IRC: http://bristol.hackspace.org.uk/chat

Twitter: @bristolhackspc

You are responsible for your own safety and to not endanger others. Only use equipment if you've been trained in its use. Or as they say at Nottinghack, “Do not be on fire!”

You're welcome to visit us on our open Thursday meet-ups. If you want to drop in more than once or twice a year; want to use the space at other times or use any of the equipment then we'd like you to become a paid up member. Pay what you feel it's worth to you. People pay between £10 and £40 per month.


Please put your name in the Sign-In Book whenever you use the space. It helps us apply for funding; get concessions and show what a useful asset we are to the community.

Do Not Hack Labels - Time Limited Blue, Green, Yellow & Red

These labels must be attached to all members material or project boxes stored in Hackspace. Material must be stored safely on the project box rack in G11 or the sheet material rack in G10. The labels may be updated if work is not finished if there is available storage space.

gLabels files to print black text on a coloured label: dnh-blue-text-only.glabels dnh-green-text-only.glabels dnh-yellow-text-only.glabels dnh-red-text-only.glabels

Do Not Hack Labels - No Time Limit Violet

These labels were set up to protect Hackspace workshop boxes e.g. the cardboard modelling box. Members may use items protected by one of these labels but tools must be returned and used / damaged items replaced.

These labels must not be used on Members material. gLabels files to print black text and background colour on a white label: dnh-purple-text-and-background.glabels

Please Hack Labels

These labels are a guide to what to throw out when the hack me shelves become full. They must be attached to all hackable material when accepted into hackspace. Material must be stored safely on the Hackme shelf, the rack next to the external door in G11.

gLabels files to print black text on a coloured label: hack-me-blue.glabels hack-me-green.glabels hack-me-red.glabels hack-me-yellow.glabels

Item For Disposal Labels

These labels are intended to stop stuff that is wanted by one member being thrown out by another and are to be attached to any significant items to be thrown out. The items should be placed on the “on the way out shelves”, the top two shelves on the rack above the Bins in G11. Items should normally be given one month on the on the way out shelves before disposal.

gLabels files to print black text and background colour on a white label: disposal.glabels

Don't Turn Off Labels

These labels are to be used to identify plug tops to be left switched on when Hackspace is not occupied.

List of Items with Do Not Turn off Stickers

gLabels files to print black text and coloured background on small white labels: dto-blue.glabels dto-green.glabels dto-red.glabels dto-yellow.glabels

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