There is a motley collection in the various drawers near the electronics benches. The ones below are in the carousel.

type characteristics features
vn10lm 60V 200mA 1W 5ohms n-ch enhancement mosfet
irf610 200V 3.5A 36W 1.5ohms n-ch enhancement mosfet
type characteristics features
2n3904 40V 200mA
bc182 50V 100mA 300mW
bc184 30V 100mA 300mW
bf240 40V 50mA rf 150MHz
bfy50 35V 1A 0.8W
tip48 400V 1A
ztx109 30V 100mA low noise
tip115 60V 2A 50W darlington
type characteristics features
2n3702 80V 500mA 625mW
bc327 45V 500mA 625mW
bc546 65V 100mA 625mW
bc557 45V 100mA 625mW
bc558 30V 100mA 625mW
bd132 45V 3A 15W
tip32 40V 3A 40W
tip41b 80V 6A 65W
bd778 60V 4A 50W darlington
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