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Hackspace has some bags of old electrolytic capacitors. Electrolytics have a tendency to deteriorate with age:

  • aluminium electrolytics develop a high ESR or becomes open circuit and swell or degass “entertainingly”
  • tantalum beads often develop a short circuit, and may crack open to release the magic smoke

While the electrolytics currently appear to work OK, it would be unwise to use them for anything “mission citical”. They are, however, satisfactory for emergency use, for experimentation, and for prototypes.

The available values are:

  • 10uF 16V, 50V
  • 35uF 25V
  • 47uF 63V
  • 100uF 6.3V, 16V, 35V
  • 220uF 16V
  • 1000uF 35V
  • 2200uF 25V, 63V

Location: crate on shelf near the electronics test bench

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