This is a hotchpotch of ICs in through hole and surface mount packages.

While they are all old, some are still currently being designed into circuits, and some of the “funnies” do computations you wouldn't expect.

Location: TES ⇒ tubes in crate on electronic shelves; Car ⇒ Carousel

type function location features
lf353 opamp Car dual, 3MHz
lm358 opamp Car dual, 1.1MHz
ad817 opamp Car 50MHz
ad847 opamp Car 50MHz
lm833 opamp Car, TES dual 15MHz
lm218 opamp Car 15MHz
ne5534 opamp Car, TES audio, 10MHz
njm4560 opamp Car dual, 10MHz
lm741 opamp Car 1.5MHz
lm747 opamp Car dual,1.5MHz
tl074 opamp Car quad, 3MHz
tl082 opamp Car dual, 4MHz
type function location features
lm311 comparator Car 1.2µs
lm392 comparator Car, TES dual, 1.3µs
ad790 comparator Car 45ns
type function location features
max510 dac Car quad 8bit 6µs
clc5957 adc Car 70MS/s
ad9754 dac Car 14bit 35ns
zn449 adc Car 8bit 9µs
zn426 adc Car 8bit 9µs
type function location features
555 timer Car, TES
556 timer Car, TES dual 555
7555 timer Car, TES CMOS 555
type function location features
ad835 multiplier Car 250MHz
ad538 mult div exponent Car
lmf60 low pass filter Car, TES programmable 30kHz
max270 low pass filter Car, TES programmable 1-25kHz
ep2015 matched pnp transistors Car, TES quad
sa612 mixer/osc TES 500MHz
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