Manual Pick and Place Build

This is a page to collect information about building a manual pick and place designed by vpanik in 2012.

DXF mirror:

The instructions for reversing the aquarium pump, that have since gone offline, are archived here.

This is the parts list (extracted by OCR from the DXF).


  • 1 x (600×400) t = 12
  • 14 x (600×40) t = 10
  • 1 x (150×400) t = 10
  • 1 x (100×60) t = 10

Aluminum angles

  • 2 x (15.5×1.5) length 600
  • 2 x (15.5×1.5) length 150
  • 2 x (10×1) length 320


  • 8 x (3x10x4)
  • 8 x (3x13x5)
  • 2 x Needle (12x18x12)


  • 6 x (M5x80)
  • 8 x (M3x16)
  • 10 x (M3x30)
  • 2 x thread M5x100


  • 2 x (M6, OD = 13.7, C = 20)
  • 2 x (M6, OD = 21.3, C = 28)

Amendments proposed in comments (uncomfirmed)

think i also found some errors in the plan:

you say 10*(M3*30) i can only find 6 on the drawing… maybe you counted the 4
threaded rod in to the number?

close conected to above… you say 2*(threaded rod M5*100) but i count 4, one
at each end of the 2 walls or one in each corner if you will

you forgot all the nuts:


and some washers for the ubolts so the wood is not crushed


for under the long alu angles (one in each end of bolt)


same for the 4 rods


for the short alu angles


for the 4 bolts that holds the bearings on the holder for pick&place and microscope

  • Vacuum pen, should have straight nozzle (This one definitely has a straight nozzle available. This is a cheaper one but looks quite different to the one used in the original build.)
  • Small aquarium pump (Maybe this one? This is the one used in the reversing instructions, available from USA only. We could also think about a more integrated solution of pick-up-tool and pump like this or this)
  • Wire from notebook (compression spring for vacuum pen)
  • Footswitch (this one?)
  • Dispenser bottle for additional tips (Source linked from the blog post.)
  • (Optional) USB microscope
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