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[mattvenn] tested this and it works really well! Here's some photos of the process.

Make the stencil with Eagle

Good tutorial here

Simpler for me in Linux:

  • Open board
  • Turn off all layers apart from tcream
  • Change tcream layer to solid or empty fill
  • Print as a pdf file

Make the stencil with KiCad

  • Open board
  • file → export svg
  • only tick 'f paste' & export


  • Make a new a4 document
  • import PDF into doc
  • give a very thin line style (0.1px)
  • exported from KiCad - some pads are a thin line with a large stroke, so have to do 'stroke to path'
  • arrange on the page - craft cutter sees the page edge fed in as the bottom.
  • save as 'inkscape svg'


I installed robocut on the 3d printer computer. It is a very simple linux driver for the Graphtec Craft Robo CC220-20 Cutter.

  • open svg
  • choose cut from menu
  • 'vinyl sticker' preset worked for me
  • I used 0.05mm vinyl sticker with the blue 0.1 plunger tip
  • I also checked this which is 0.07mm and worked fine too
  • check dimensions! I had stretch on Y axis to start with that went away with a different material

Apply solder paste

  • weed the holes (remove any of the little bits that haven't come out when you peeled the sticker)
  • cut sticker to size (bigger than the PCB helps to remove it)
  • apply to board and check alignment
  • apply solderpaste with a credit card, more solderpaste works better than not enough
  • peel off sticker and save for another board (probably only last for one day)

Assemble components

  • smallest, flattest ones first, using tweezers


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