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Hackspace has a large number of through hole resistors that are ideal for prototyping, perfboards, solderless breadboards and general purpose applications because they are:

  • accurate: 1% tolerance
  • temperature stable: 50ppm/C
  • good HF characteristics: metal film
  • moderate power: 0.25W
  • small: 10mm long

They are mostly in E96 values and so appear unfamiliar, but that is unimportant in most cases because in most circuits:

  • the absolute value isn't that critical, e.g. a 5k6 pullup is usually just as good as a 4k7 pullup, even If the colour code isn't as pretty
  • ratios between resistors are often more important, e.g. defining opamp gain or in potential dividers. Here tolerance and stability are more important than the absolute value
  • if the circuit specifies the familiar E12 values, by definition they can vary by +-10% anyway. In such cases a 49k6 resisitor is a perfectly acceptable substitute for a 47k 10% E12 resistor.

So even if you can't find the exact value, you can probably find an acceptable value. The following table indicates which resistors are available, and which value is a substitute for the familiar E12 (10%) and E24 (5%) resistor.

Please put resistors back in the same box. If they are misplaced we can't find them - and they are effectively lost or might as well be thrown away!

Value Equivalent Location
E96 1% E12 10% E24 5%
12r 12r 12r Box
15r 15r 15r Box
15r4 16r Box
15r8 Box
16r2 18r Box
16r5 Box
16r9 Box
17r4 18r Box
17r8 Box
18r Box
18r7 20r Box
19r1 Box
19r6 22r Box
20r5 Box
21r 22r Box
22r Box
26r1 27r 27r Box
26r7 Box
28r7 33r 30r Box
32r3 33r Box
33r Box
43r 47r 43r Box
56r 56r 56r Box
82r 82r 82r Box
113r 120r 110r Box
120r 120r Box
121r Box
127r 130r Box
137r 150r Box
147r 150r Box
158r 160r Box
165r 180r Box
174r 180r Box
210r 220r 220r Box
240r 270r 240r Box
270r 270r Box
301r 330r 300r Box
348r 390r 360r Box
361r Box
390r 390r Box
453r 470r 470r Box
560r 560r 560r Box
620r 680r 620r Box
634r Box
665r 680r Box
680r Box
681r Box
787r 820r 820r Box
806r Box
845r Box
931r 1k 910r Box
953r 1k Box
1k15 1k2 1k1 Box
1k2 1k2 Box
1k21 Box
1k3 1k3 Box
1k43 1k5 1k5 Box
1k69 1k8 1k6 Box
1k74 1k8 Box
1k78 Box
1k8 Box
2k55 2k7 2k7 Box
2k8 3k Box
3k32 3k3 3k6 Box
3k83 3k9 3k9 Box
3k9 Box
3k92 Box
5k76 5k6 5k6 Box
6k81 6k8 6k8 Box
6k98 Box
7k32 7k5 Box
9k09 10k 9k1 Box
10k7 11k Box
11k3 12k Box
12k 12k Box
12k1 Box
12k7 13k Box
13k Box
13k3 15k Box
16k9 18k 16k Box
17k3 18k Box
18k Box
18k2 Box
20k 22k 20k Box
21k5 22k Box
22k Box
23k2 24k Box
24k9 27k 27k Box
26k Box
27k Box
32k4 33k 33k Box
33k2 36k Box
36k 39k Box
40k2 43k Box
42k2 47k Box
43k2 Box
46k4 47k Box
53k6 56k 56k Box
57k6 Box
64k9 68k 68k Box
66k5 Box
69k8 Box
80k6 82k 82k Box
84k5 Box
102k 100k 100k Box
105k 110k Box
110k 120k Box
124k 120k Box
140k 150k 150k Box
150k Box
178k 180k 180k Box
180k Box
280k 270k 300k Box
412k 390k 430k Box
430k 470k Box
442k 470k Box
560k 560k 560k Box
562k Box
590k 620k Box
619k 680k Box
634k Box
680k 680k Box
787k 820k 820k Box
913k 1M 910k Box
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