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 == Children'​s Scrapstore == == Children'​s Scrapstore ==
-In September 2013 we purchased ​year'​s ​membership to the [[ http://​www.childrensscrapstore.co.uk/​ | Children'​s Scrapstore]] ​(expires 17 September 2014)+We maintain ​a membership to the [[ http://​www.childrensscrapstore.co.uk/​ | Children'​s Scrapstore]]. ​
-To use the Scrapstore you need to take membership card. We have 4 cards, in the filing cabinet against the wall by the glass door, on the right hand side if you are inside the space facing the door. They'​re ​in the drawer ​labelled "​paperwork"​ (the 3rd drawer down). The cards are numbered - if you borrow one, please could you sign it out (and in) on the paper signing-out sheet in the drawer with them+To use the Scrapstoreyou need to take the membership card. It is kept in the BOTLab Paperwork ​drawer in G11.
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