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HSS Drills 1mm to 10mm x 0.5mm

Spare Drills are kept in the metal box on the top shelf in G10 at the far end above the woodwork bench.

The working set is kept in a blue box in the tool cabinets.

Label for the Spare Drill Box

      01942­ 523627
      UK Drills, 
      24-26 Wigan Road, 
      WN2 3BE

UK drills charge of postage so add all drills below half the re-order level to you order.

ItemUK Drills Supplier CodeGuide Price each £Purchase Quantity
Drill HSS 1 mm10.010.09810
Drill HSS 1.5 mm10.0150.11610
Drill HSS 2 mm10.020.12510
Drill HSS 2.5 mm10.0250.13210
Drill HSS 3 mm10.030.13810
Drill HSS 3.5 mm10.0350.13810
Drill HSS 4 mm10.040.16210
Drill HSS 4.5 mm10.0450.16210
Drill HSS 5 mm10.050.19810
Drill HSS 5.5 mm10.0550.25110
Drill HSS 6 mm10.060.27810
Drill HSS 6.5 mm10.0650.30510
Drill HSS 7 mm10.070.3310
Drill HSS 7.5 mm10.0750.34110
Drill HSS 8 mm10.080.43810
Drill HSS 8.5 mm10.0850.50310
Drill HSS 9 mm10.090.57410
Drill HSS 9.5 mm10.0950.64210
Drill HSS 10 mm10.10.8685
Drill HSS 10.5 mm10.1050.8685
Drill HSS 11 mm10.110.985
Drill HSS 11.5 mm10.1151.025
Drill HSS 12 mm10.121.125
Drill HSS 12.5 mm10.1251.2245
Drill HSS 13 mm10.131.325
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