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Hackspace Consumables HSS Jobber Drills

HSS Drills 1mm to 10mm x 0.5mm

Spare Drills are kept in the metal box on the top shelf in G10 at the far end above the woodwork bench. The working set is kept in a blue box in the tool cabinets.

UK drills charge of postage so add all drills below half the re-order level to you order.

Supplier: UK Drills

      01942­ 523627
      UK Drills, 
      24-26 Wigan Road, 
      WN2 3BE

Re-Order Information “^”Item“^”UK Drills Supplier Code“^”Guide Price each“^”Purchase Quantity“^” “|”Drill HSS 1 mm“|”10.01“|”0.098“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 1.5 mm“|”10.015“|”0.116“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 2 mm“|”10.02“|”0.125“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 2.5 mm“|”10.025“|”0.132“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 3 mm“|”10.03“|”0.138“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 3.5 mm“|”10.035“|”0.138“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 4 mm“|”10.04“|”0.162“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 4.5 mm“|”10.045“|”0.162“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 5 mm“|”10.05“|”0.198“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 5.5 mm“|”10.055“|”0.251“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 6 mm“|”10.06“|”0.278“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 6.5 mm“|”10.065“|”0.305“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 7 mm“|”10.07“|”0.33“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 7.5 mm“|”10.075“|”0.341“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 8 mm“|”10.08“|”0.438“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 8.5 mm“|”10.085“|”0.503“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 9 mm“|”10.09“|”0.574“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 9.5 mm“|”10.095“|”0.642“|”10“|” “|”Drill HSS 10 mm“|”10.1“|”0.868“|”5“|” “|”Drill HSS 10.5 mm“|”10.105“|”0.868“|”5“|” “|”Drill HSS 11 mm“|”10.11“|”0.98“|”5“|” “|”Drill HSS 11.5 mm“|”10.115“|”1.02“|”5“|” “|”Drill HSS 12 mm“|”10.12“|”1.12“|”5“|” “|”Drill HSS 12.5 mm“|”10.125“|”1.224“|”5“|” “|”Drill HSS 13 mm“|”10.13“|”0.132“|”5“|”

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