These are in the carousel, the tubes on the electronic shelves, the crates on the electronic shelves, and various component drawers around the electronics area.

Since components are being (infrequently) donated, this list is incomplete. Feel free to make this list more complete!

High-quality resistors suitable for low power general purposes, prototypes and breadboards.

Analogue ICs mainly opamps, comparators and timers, DIL and SMD, but also some more interesting devices such as multipliers and mixers.

Voltage Sources references and regulators, mainly linear but some SMPSs for the intrepid.

Diodes power, small signal and LEDs, not fully catalogued since some change frequently.

Transistors of various sorts suitable for various uses.

Old Electrolytic capacitors suitable for non-critical uses such as prototyping and experiments.

Old Digital ICs both TTL and CMOS, DIL and SMD that might be useful but are, if nothing else, suitable for soldering practice!

There is also an odd selection of passive and active components in the carousel and, especially, in component drawers around the electronics benches.

A work in progress of some of other available components

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