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G11 BV Studios 37 Philip St Bedminster Bristol BS3 4EA

Carlyle Business Centre

Bristol Hackspace Carlyle Business Centre Queen Victoria St (off days rd) St. Philips Bristol BS2 0QR

Taken by Alex R on 2021-01-30. Note that construction work is underway to separate our space from the rest of the building, and to rip out dead electrics, etc, and so the space is currently littered with the detritus of this work.

Room 1:

Room 2:

Room 3:


We propose:

  • Room 1:
    • Replaces G11 as our main room.
    • Includes general-purpose benches, electronics area, lab/bio area, storage, etc.
  • Room 2:
    • Machine room - to provide a cleaner space than our workshop for machines that make too much noise for the main room.
    • Includes the Laser, 3D printer, and CNCs.
    • Enclosed from Room 3 by adding a removable stud, once laser is installed (marked in green on plan).
    • Enclosed from Room 1 by blocking nasty old door hole (marked in green on plan).
  • Room 3:
    • Workshops - wood to rear, metal to front beside the roller shutter.
    • Industrial strip curtain to divide the two.
  • Corridor:
    • Includes consolidated kitchenette facilitates, located at the end under the window.

We favour a curtain to divide the workshops because:

  • It is cheap.
  • It admits light.
  • Its position can be easily amended if needed, as the workshops settle into the new space.
  • Bulky projects and materials can easily be moved through.

If you have an alternative proposal, please add it to the bottom of this wiki. A vote on the available proposals will take place at the 2021-02-16 Members' Meeting.

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