Volunteers needed!

Please add items to the lists below, and put your name down against anything that you are willing to package up prior to the move

Most of our equipment needs packaging up before the move. If you have particular affection for any of our tools or machines, please use this opportunity to ensure that it is suitably easy to move without damaging.

Please add your name to the tables below, if you're willing to take a task on.

If something is missing from the list, please add it

If a machine has accessories/tools, strap these to the machine in an obvious manner


The start of our lease is contingent on some final fit-out by the landlord's tradespeople (e.g. the fire alarm). Therefore, this date is not set in stone

Equipment Person(s) Planned date Complete? Notes/Special Instructions
Laser Cutter Remove extraction system from G10
CNC Mill Remove elctrical, air and water lines. reattach the rear cover
Metal Lathe Alex R 13/03/2021 Trailer and hoist arranged. Need to arrange delivery of pallet jack
wood lathe
pillar drill
band saw
PCB mill Not in HS at the moment, though it's enclosure needs moving
belt sander
table saw
bench router
hand tool cabinets under the big bench

Equipment Person(s) Planned date Complete? Notes/Special Instructions
3D Printer In use a lot. Don't pack until the move
electronics bench
wall of unhackables
components in drawers wrap each drawer in clingfilm, or ensure they aren't tipped/jolted
Task Person(s) Planned date Complete? Notes/Special Instructions
Book a van Alex R Will book when start date of lease is confirmed
Patch hole from laser cutter extraction
Buy Boxes Directors

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