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 |[[equipment:​mpx-90_engraver]]|No|Hackspace |G11 (main room)| |[[equipment:​mpx-90_engraver]]|No|Hackspace |G11 (main room)|
 |[[equipment:​prusamk3]]|Yes|Hackspace (maintained by Nick G)|G11 (main room)| |[[equipment:​prusamk3]]|Yes|Hackspace (maintained by Nick G)|G11 (main room)|
-|[[equipment:​reprap|RepRap 3D Printer]]|Yes|Hackspace (maintained by Ian S / Russell D)|G11 (main room)| 
 |[[equipment:​sublimation_printer|SG400 Sublimation Printer]]|No|Hackspace |G11 (main room)| |[[equipment:​sublimation_printer|SG400 Sublimation Printer]]|No|Hackspace |G11 (main room)|
 |[[equipment:​silhouette_cameo_vinyl_cutter]]|No|Hackspace |G11 (main room)| |[[equipment:​silhouette_cameo_vinyl_cutter]]|No|Hackspace |G11 (main room)|
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