Page links in red in the table below mean we haven't written any information about this thing on the Wiki yet. If you can contribute, please do so!

Equipment pages should indicate where the thing is to be found, who to ask for induction training if it's something that could hurt the user (or that could be easily damaged), a list of inducted people who might be asked for help by new users, and any pertinent safety tips. For extra points, specifications of the thing (what size of work it can do, etc), links to manuals/tutorials, and so on can be included for reference!

If you would like something not on this list, please see Equipment Wanted.

Thing Needs Induction? Owner/Maintainer Notes
Bench GrinderNoHackspaceWorkshop
Bench Scroll SawNoHackspace Workshop
Floor Standing Pillar DrillNoHackspace Workshop
Workshop Small Tool ListNoHackspaceWorkshop
Harrison M250 LatheYesHackspaceWorkshop
Robert Sorby ProEdgeYesHackspaceWorkshop
Transwave Rotary 3kW Rotary InverterYesHackspaceWorkshop
Table SawYesHackspaceWorkshop
Mitre SawYesHackspaceWorkshop
Wickes Vacuum CleanerNoHackspaceWorkshop
Wire Bending ToolNoPam Davis Workshop
Wolf Dakota 100 Air CompressorNoHackspace Workshop
Wood and Metal VicesNoHackspaceWorkshop
Woodturning LatheYesAnton BowersWorkshop
6" Delta 37-280 JointerNoHackspaceWorkshop
DeWalt DW734 ThicknesserNoHackspaceWorkshop
Large Belt & Disc Sander - Clarke CS6-9CNoHackspaceWorkshop
grit blaster cabinetNoHackspaceWorkshop
Thing Needs Induction? Owner/Maintainer Notes
A0 Laser Cutter YESHackspaceCNC Room
Bungard CCD/MTC CNC PCB MillYesHackspaceCNC Room, not yet commissioned for use
CNC MillYesHackspaceCNC Room
Granite Surface PlateNoHackspaceCNC Room
Prusa Mk3YesHackspace (maintained by Nick G)CNC Room

For convenience, the tools and equipment are grouped into

  • classic maker items, e.g. 3D printers, engravers
  • electronic test equipment, e.g. PSUs, scopes and probes, signal generators
  • electronic manufacturing equipment, e.g. soldering irons, spotwelder
  • lab bench
  • standard computer printers and plotters
  • everything else, e.g. thermal camera

Classic Maker Tools

Thing Needs Induction? Owner/Maintainer Notes
Bosstop Mug PressNoHackspace Main Room
Graphtec Craft Robo CC220-20 CutterNoHackspaceWooden drawers by soldering bench
Heat press (for vinyl e.g. for T-shirts)NoHackspaceMain Room
Mayku Formbox Desktop Vacuum FormerNoHackspaceMain Room
MPX-90 Engraver.NoHackspace Main Room
SG400 Sublimation PrinterNoHackspace Main Room
Silhouette Cameo Vinyl CutterNoHackspace Main Room
UV exposerNoHackspaceMain Room

Electronic Test Equipment

Thing Needs Induction? Owner/Maintainer Notes
Analogue and Digital MultimetersNoHackspaceShelf above electronics test bench
Bench Variable Power SuppliesNoHackspaceShelf above electronics test bench
Capacitance MeterNoHackspaceShelf above electronics test bench
Capacitor ESR MeterNoHackspaceShelf above electronics test bench
Component TesterNoHackspaceShelf above electronics test bench
Frequency CountersNoHackspaceShelf above electronics test bench
OscilloscopesNo (fragile; read safety precautions)HackspaceElectronics test bench benches/shelves depending on utility and uniqueness
Oscilloscope ProbesNo (fragile; read safety precautions)HackspaceWall rack by electronics test bench
Resistance Decade BoxNo (fragile; read safety precautions)HackspaceShelf above electronics test bench
RF Coaxial Cables and ComponentsNo (fragile; read safety precautions) HackspaceCables: wallrack, other: component drawers
Signal GeneratorsNoHackspaceShelf above electronics test bench
Variac Mains Variable TransformerNo (read safety precautions)HackspaceHigh shelf

Electronic Manufacturing Equipment

Thing Needs Induction? Owner/Maintainer Notes
Duratool Hot Air GunNoHackspaceSoldering bench
bench-pillar-drillNoHackspaceMain Room
Clarke Bench Magnifier LampNoHackspaceSoldering bench
Electronic ComponentsNoHackspace Carousel, shelves, component drawers
Electronic HotplateNoHackspace Shelf above soldering bench
20x microscopeNoHackspaceMain Room
Soldering IronsNoHackspaceShelf above soldering bench, crate on shelves by external wall
Solderless BreadboardsNoHackspaceShelf above soldering bench
Solder Reflow OvenNoHackspace (maintained by Ian S / Arthur A)Main Room
Spot WelderNoHackspace Main Room

Lab Bench

Thing Needs Induction? Owner/Maintainer Notes
HotplatesNoHackspaceMain Room Lab Bench
Olympus MicroscopeNoHackspaceMain Room Lab Bench


Thing Needs Induction? Owner/Maintainer Notes
Brother QL-570 Label PrinterNoNic MarshallMain Room
HP DesignJet 500 PrinterNoNic MarshallMain Room
Roland DPX-3300 Flat-Bed Pen PlotterNoHackspace (maintained by John H)Main Room
Samsung ML-3710ND PrinterNoHackspaceMain Room

Everything Else

Thing Needs Induction? Owner/Maintainer Notes
BBC MicrosNoHackspaceMain Room
Fellows Lunar A4 LaminatorNoHackspaceShelf above soldering bench
FLIR Thermal CameraNoHackspaceWooden drawers by soldering bench
General hand toolsNoHackspaceMain Room
Glue GunsNoHackspaceWooden drawers by soldering bench
Hot Air GunsNoHackspaceWooden drawers by soldering bench
Microsoft KinectNoArthur? (maintained by Ian S / Russell D / Arthur)Main Room
Ptouch 1000 label PrinterNoHackspaceMain Room Desk bottom Drawer
sewing-machineNoHackspaceShelf above soldering bench
Veho Discovery USB MicroscopeNoHackspaceWooden drawers by soldering bench

This is a list of items that have since been removed from the Hackspace. This is kept for historical reasons, so information pages are still accessible.

Thing Needs Induction? Owner/Maintainer
Bubble Etch TankN/AHackspace
Canon LBP 5050N Colour Laser printerN/AHackspace
CNC MillN/AMatthew Venn
CNC RouterN/AMatthew Venn
Dummy LoadN/AHackspace
Epilog Laser CutterN/ALauren Simms
Hardinge LatheN/AHackspace
IRC MacN/AHackspace (maintained by Barney L)
Membership PC and Print ServerN/AHackspace
Metal latheN/AMatthew Venn
Pinball tableN/AMatthew Venn
Small CNC LatheN/AHackspace (maintained by Ian S / John W)

Yet to be provided.

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