These need to be completed before the lathe can be put into use.
Critical = Needed for members to use
Not Critical = Nice to have

ie we need to complete critical tasks before members can be inducted to use.

Task (not ordered) Critical Notes Problems Status
Max speed not attainable NO Russ suspects rotary converter sync issue? When set to 2000rpm the actual speed is much lower, other settings seem to work fine but not exhaustively tested Needs investigating
Locating Rotary Converter NO Mount on wall? Heavy, Use rubber isolation mounts Currently on floor behind lathe
Oil on drive belts ?? Find leak + Clean belts
Shaft seals on exposed Headstock ?? Oil on drive belts
Tacho Display NO Will help novice + experienced
Level lathe NO Needs to be level to take twist out of bed Need accurate level
Fix DRO encoders YES Need configuring in progress
Chuck Key Lockout YES Add chuck guard with interlock Chuck guard fitted, interlock needs wiring in
Crosslide Lead screw Nuts NO These are worn PN 905008 or fix backlash adjuster ?? what is current status Parts ordered Needs assembling
Bed protection cover HIGH Not present Protecting the bed from things dropping on it, such as the chuck OK for now
Accessories wish list NO Complete - This is OK for now
Access Control YES Maybe just padlock? Card system incomplete Complete - Padlock fitted
Handwheel Pinion Shaft YESKnurled and unrepairable Obsolete part Complete - Replaced
E Stop switch YES Knee or hand control Complete
Oil leak from Carriage Apron YES Large leak - Weekend Job Complete - Fixed
Dust Cover NO Dust cover made Completed
Clean + Degrease Lathe NO Completed - for now
Count Gear Cutting Gears NO All listed as standard are present Suspecting one is missing Completed - All listed as standard are present
Gear Speed Decal YES Gear position not obvious Currently illegible Complete
Cutting tools wish list NO Selection of carbide and HSS bits available Complete, OK for now

To expand on table topics
Forum thread with Harrison M300 dismantling advice
Carriage saddle gearbox is mucky and needs cleaning internally before reassembly.

Kept as ongoing reference during the full commissioning process.

Tailstock damaged

Mended by supplier
Cracks in Tailstock. Returned to supplier

Cross Slide

Fixed by bearing replacement
This should be the replacement of a simple and cheap thrust bearing. It would be nice for the suppliers to fulfill their promise to supply a fully serviced lathe but not the end of the world.
According to the manual the thrust bearing is a AXK1226 + thrust washers is commonly available and cost about £4 a set. There are two in the cross slide and two in the compound slide.

We can consider the lathe delivered and accepted as soon as chuck is delivered. The rest we will simply accept and deal with.

Delivery Snagging Problem Accept as wear and tear Raise with Supplier Status
Suspect cross slide thrust bearing NO YES Solved
Crack in tailstock adjustment NO YES Repaired
Missing 22 tooth gear N/A N/A All expected gears present
Outstanding independent 4 Jaw chuck + key NO YES Solved

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