There are a number of software options on the Internet, but I will include the instructions of the software that worked for me:

The software is Called Silhouette Studio and can be downloaded here: The Software is free, but you can pay for a commerical version which basically supports different file types while importing.

The one import file type lacking from the free version is .SVG - I would recommend using .DXF instead.

  1. Download the software
  2. Install following the instructions (make sure the cutter is not plugged into the computer unil the software is setup and complete).
  3. Once installed, run Silhouette Studio.
  4. Click on SEND on the blue bar in the Top right hand corner.
  5. Plug in and turn on the cutter - You should now see at the bottom of the screen, that the cutter becomes available
  6. If not, click on the “Select Device” drop down menu and select the cutter. The status should turn green and state “Ready” when the cutter is detected.

You can now design your image and when ready to cut out, pres the “SEND” button at the botton of the “SEND” panel.

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