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 {{test_equipment:siggen8038.jpg?direct&200}} {{test_equipment:siggen-levell.jpg?direct&200}} {{test_equipment:siggen-peakSpike.jpg?direct&200}} {{test_equipment:siggen8038.jpg?direct&200}} {{test_equipment:siggen-levell.jpg?direct&200}} {{test_equipment:siggen-peakSpike.jpg?direct&200}}
 +==== RF ====
 +For higher frequencies and when simple modulation is required, we have a Philips PM5390S. The key characteristics are:
 +  * 100kHz - 1000MHz
 +  * 50ohm output. At these frequencies 50ohm coax and 50ohm terminations are required if the amplitude is to be correct
 +  * accurate synthesised frequency and frequency sweeps
 +  * AM and FM modulation. The internal modulation is inflexible and sufficient for testing/simulating traditional old-school radios. External modulation could be used for more demanding purposes, but I doubt those are relevant at Hackspace
 +A quick play with it indicates 
 +  * it is basically functional
 +  * since it is complex, it is useful to RTFM before using it!
 +  * it feels as if the internal attenuator or relays need cleanin
 +  * it looks like it could benefit from recapping the PSU
 +Unmodulated sine wave: {{test_equipment:philips-pm5390s-sine.jpg?direct&200}} 
 +FM: {{test_equipment:philips-pm5390s-fm1.jpg?direct&200}} 
 +AM: {{test_equipment:philips-pm5390s-am1.jpg?direct&200}} {{test_equipment:philips-pm5390s-am2.jpg?direct&200}} 
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