The Bungard CCD/MTC is a high quality computer controlled drilling and milling machine designed for creating PCBs and engraving metal

The original controller that came with the CNC runs a propriety interface over a classic RS232 port. The CNC PC has the software to talk to the controller and otherwise make PCBs using the standard workflow. The workflow is split into two parts:

Generating the HPGL files

Before the PCB can be cut the PCB gerbers need to be converted into HPGL files. You cannot use other (better) tools like FlatCAM due to a lack of export into the HPGL format. The software that comes with the machine is isoCAM. This tool requires a dongle to run, so don't expect to be doing it from home (and please don't remove the dongle from the computer). In this software your main steps are:

  1. Import the gerbers
  2. Flip the bottom layer
  3. Generate alignment holes to line up the milling on both sides
  4. Create milling data (and set up your milling tool size)
  5. Save the milling data as a batch of HPGL files

Milling your board

Once you have your files you can use the RoutePro3000 software. This is the main controller for the CNC. A major warning with this tool is the “STOP” button doesn't stop the spindle. To stop the spindle, go to manual control, start the spindle again, and then stop it.

This is the workflow for the software:

  1. Use the project wizard, import the alignment drill file, select the drill size (probably 3mm)
  2. Drill these alignment holes
  3. Import your bottom HPGL file and select your mill bit size
  4. Mill the bottom side
  5. Flip your board using the alignment holes
  6. Import & mill the top side
  7. Import and drill the holes

In general, this software is buggy, will crash and otherwise will be a pain to use. A major difficulty I found was with getting the bits to go the right distance to the board. The software has some weird way of calculating this and I didn't spend enough time to properly work it out

Here are some good reference docs to the system:

In October 2020 a proposal went through to make a new controller. The idea behind this was to make it accept standard G-Code, and for it to have the same workflow as the larger metal mill. Have a read through the proposal to understand the technical choices behind the build.

Here are some useful docs for the new controller:

  • equipment/pcb_mill
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