Watch the video Using the MPX90

Note: We only have a limited range of bases.

It is very easy to use, in summary:

  • Turn it on.
  • Run Metaza Studio.
  • Put a piece of material to engrave in the machine in the centre. Clamp firmly. Polished aluminium works well but you can use any metal or plastic.
  • Select material shape in Metaza Studio and set the size to match your actual material.
  • Create your design, keep the material shape in the centre.
  • Then click Print. Select “Properties/Image Correction” and set the material type and resolution. Click OK to start.
  • The engraver head automatically lowers down to find the surface of the material. The head tracks the surface so you can print on curved surfaces within certain limits.

There are many other ways to use the machine, read the User Manual here.

If you wish to use your own laptop, drivers and Metaza studio can be found here. The Username and Password is the letter a.

If the etch seems faint, check the small green guard around the etching tip. It should be domed, if it is flattened, replace it with a new one from the MPX-90 ENGRAVER SPARES drawer.

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