Induction Required

This equipment requires an induction prior to use. For your own safety and to avoid damage to the equipment do not attempt to use it until you have been inducted.

05_2022 The Lathe is now commissioned and we will be announcing more inductions soon.

The Harrison M250 lathe (also sold as Colchester Bantam with a different gear change and control lever layout) was designed to appeal to schools, training establishments, repair shops and those needing a strong, properly-built but compact lathe for light production work.
The M250 is a full-function machine capable of the entire range of turning operations, and through the available range of accessories its scope and versatility can be increased even further. Quality, reliability and response make it one of the most outstanding lathes of its kind especially in industry, the toolroom, training and secondary and tertiary education.

  • Easy to understand headstock mounted speed, threading and feed charts
  • Smooth power transmission through a twin vee belt drive and induction hardened and ground headstock gearing
  • Large saddle and slide bearing areas for precision and long life
  • Deep section top slide with dovetail guides and gib strip adjustment
  • The combination box section cast iron bed and rigid steel base provides an incredibly strong structure
  • A huge selection of accessories are available

Detailed review and discussion of Harrison M series lathes.

Only paid up members of Bristol Hackspace may use the lathe or receive an induction.
If you are interested in becoming inducted please read the Harrison M250 Manual and the induction guidelines (TBA)

Link to induction notes, TBA.

  • 290mm Swing Over Bed
  • 180mm Swing Over Cross Slide
  • 525mm Between Centers
  • 35mm Spindle Bore
  • No. 3 D1 Camlock nose
  • 40-2000rpm Spindle Speeds
  • Quick change gear head
  • 0.9kW Motor
  • Metric and imperial thread cutting
  • Power feed on main carriage and cross slide

Manual and other documents.
PDF of Harrison M250 Manual

  • 5“ 3 jaw chuck
  • 6” 4 jaw independent chuck
  • 6“ 4 jaw self aligning chuck
  • Traveling steady
  • Fixed steady
  • Rotating center
  • Keyless chuck
  • Quick change tool post
  • Digital XY readout

We have enough tooling to get us going.
This is a wish list of Optional Tooling

  • HSS blanks - there are a load in the drawer that need sorting and regrinding first.
  • Big drill bits
  • Big boring bar
  • Lubricant - all detailed in the manual
  • Swarf bin

Safety must be adhered to at all times.
The risk assessment is linked here -

Daily maintenance is to be carried out on each occasion the lathe is used.

Maintenance other than daily maintenance may only be carried out by personnel in the maintainers list.
In the event of anything urgent please contact someone from the committee.
In the event of the lathe being unsafe to use clearly mark it explaining why to warn other members and alert the committee on

You may not use the lathe if you have not been inducted and are not on this list.

Name Inducted Date Inducted By
Drew Batchelor ?? ??
Will Mellors 12-05-2022 Drew Batchelor
Rich Allen 12-05-2022 Drew Batchelor

Persons not on this list may not carry out inductions. Friendly help and helpful advice is encouraged.
Contact for induction via members forum.

Name Inducted Date Inducted By
Drew Batchelor ?? ??
Will Mellors 12-05-2022 Drew Batchelor
Rich Allen 12-05-2022 Drew Batchelor

Persons not on this list may not carry out modifications or maintenance not on the daily check list.

Name Inducted Date Inducted By
null 20XX-XX-XX null
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