We have one of these: https://www.mayku.me/

You do not require an induction to use it, but please stick to the guidelines here and in the instruction manual.

The Formbox is kept on the equipment shelves in G11. The tube adaptor for the vacuum cleaner is kept loose, coiled up with the Formbox. The instruction manual is in the cardboard box kept with the Formbox.

The Mayku FormBox works best with thermoplastic sheets of 0.25 - 1.5mm in thickness. Here are the technical terms:
  • PETg (Commonly found in: Food safe molds)
  • HIPS (Commonly found in: Disposable cups)
  • ABS (The stuff lego is made from)
  • Polystyrene (Commonly found in: Product packaging)
  • Polyproperlene (Great for use as a mould for resin casting)
  • Polycarbonate (Commonly found in: Drinks bottles)
  • Polyethylene (Commonly found in: Sheet and foamed sheet)
  • Acrylic PMMA (Commonly found in: Light up signs)

Suitable materials can be bought from Mayku, however you can find the materials listed above cheaper elsewhere (as long as you're willing to cut them to size), or you can even recycle milk bottles etc. Beyond the materials orginally supplied with the Formbox, the Hackspace will not supply materials or moulds, you must supply your own.

1. Plug everything in

  1. Plug the power cable into a socket.
  2. Plug the vacuum cleaner into the back of the Formbox.
  3. Plug the black vacuum extension hose into the port on the back of the form box.
  4. Plug the other end of the black vacuum hose into the hose from the vacuum cleaner.
  5. Make sure the vacuum cleaner is switched on with the foot switch.

2. Set the time and temperature dials

  1. Set the time and temperature dials according to the material you're using. Official Mayku materials have the settings printed on the packaging, you will need to employ some trial and error to find settings for other materials.
  2. Wait for the heater to warm up. The light will flash orange when it is heating, but turn green and stop flashing when it has reached the set temperature.

3. Insert your material

  1. Unclamp the tray handles by lifting up the outer part of each handle.
  2. Lift the top tray up until in clicks into place under the heater. This requires more force than you might initially think.
  3. Place your sheet on the seals of the bottom tray.
  4. Bring the top tray down, clamping the handles on the bottom tray.
  5. Lift both trays together until they click into place.

4. Get ready to form

  1. Press the timer start button. The light will flash orange and you will hear a ticking sound.
  2. Place your form in the centre of the vacuum plate.

5. Form your shape

  1. When you hear the ticking sound get faster, check to see if your sheet is ready to form. Look out for signs of elasticity in the plastic.
  2. Pull down on the handles to bring both trays down over your form. The vacuum cleaner will switch on automatically.
  3. Leave the form to cool for 10 seconds.
  4. Unclamp the top tray and click it in place under the heater.
  5. Turn the heater dial to OFF.
  6. The Formbox will turn off after 15 minutes. Do not unplug it any sooner.
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