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 +====== Brother E110 Label Maker ======
 +Brother P-Touch E110 Label Maker. ​ \\ 
 +Kept in the metal equipment draws. \\
 +{{:​equipment:​p3050537.jpg?​400|Brother E110 Label Maker}}
 +[[https://​www.brother.co.uk/​labelling/​ptouch-labellers/​pt-e110vp|Manufacturers website]]\\
 +Create labels in various colour combinations and widths that have been tested in extreme conditions to make sure they stick around for a long time. With dedicated functions and smart keys to make common labelling tasks quick and easy, and everything supplied in a hard carry case. The PT-E110VP is an invaluable tool for electricians and other professional trades.
 +  * Create durable labels up to 12mm in width
 +  * Waterproof and durable
 +  * Dedicated functions for common labelling tasks
 +  * 200 symbols including electrician,​ audio visual and Network Infrastructure
 +  * Built-in cutter for accurate labelling
 +  * 6 x AAA batteries
 +Labels not on the consumables list and will need a micro proposal to replace them.\\
 +Click for full resolution.\\ ​
 +Click for full resolution.\\ ​
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