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-modelcraft robo CC220-20 (it is old but good one to use).+ModelCraft Robo CC220-20 (it is old but reliable).
- ​Good ​software ​to use is Silhouette Studio from  [[http://​www.silhouetteamerica.com/​software]]+The official ​software is Silhouette Studio from [[http://​www.silhouetteamerica.com/​software]] ​however you have to pay for SVG support, and it does not support Linux.
- Works under windows ​and linux using the [[https://​gitorious.org/​robocut|robocut software]]+Or you can use one of the following alternatives,​ which are all free, open source, cross-platform ​and support SVG. They are based on reverse engineering ​the Silhouette USB protocol so might be slightly buggier than Silhouette Studio.
- What can you make a customs T-Shirt, bag, sign, glass etching and more.+* [[https://​robocut.org/​|Robocut]]
- If you need help see John Davis.+* [[https://​github.com/​fablabnbg/​inkscape-silhouette/​|Inkscape-Silhouette]] which lets you cut directly from Inkscape 
 +* [[https://​www.codelv.com/​projects/​inkcut/​|Inkcut]] 
 +You can use it to make customs T-Shirts, bags, signs, do glass etching and more. 
 +If you need help see John Davis, or Tim Hutt (who wrote Robocut).
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