In G11 under the long bench.

Model details

The scroll saw is an obsolete Performance FMTC161NSS 85w. This a badged Chinese machine of basic construction similar to the budget Clarke's model and similar Axminster and Draper saws.

The scroll saw has the following features:

  • tiltable table to 45 degrees left
  • single speed
  • dust blower
  • accepts both pined and plain blades

This is the manual for the equivalent Clarke's machine


  • With pined blades, it is difficult to follow a straight line or curve. Cause unknown.
  • Plain blades work well. To fit supplementary plain blade holders, it was necessary to cut away part of the right side cover.
  • The blower is rather weak and difficult to position
  • The inset around the blade is not level with the table, so work can be poorly supported
  • There is no dust collection


There is a shoe box containing

  • skip-tooth blades sizes #3,#5,#7
  • 2.5mm allen key for the blade holders
  • sample cuts


  • Use on the main bench with the folded bubble wrap underneath to keep it from vibrating around the bench
  • Use under a good light
  • Use only with the plain blades. To replace a blade:
  1. remove the tension from the blade by turning the knob underneath at the back of the saw.
  2. remove the red plastic insert in the table by pushing up from underneath. This gives access to the lower arm.
  3. unclip the black blade holders from bottom and top arms
  4. using a 2.5mm allen key, loosen a grub screw on each holder and remove the blade
  5. choose a new blade - see for bladed selection. If using one in the Hackspace supplies, pop 20p in petty cash.
  6. centre the end of the blade in the holder and tighten the grub screw.
  7. reattach the blade with the teeth pointing downwards
  8. tension the blade using the knob at the back. To check the tension, pluck it - it should sound a clear note.
  • Vacuum up the area after use

Work to do

  • improve the blower attachment
  • find a suitable rubber mat
  • make a supplementary base to fit on top of the metal surface to provide support for small parts
  • investigate fitting a vacuum attachment


  • Annual inspection and oil joints
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