Just Add Sharks Silvertail A0 Laser Cutter

Induction Required

This equipment requires an induction prior to use. For your own safety and to avoid damage to the equipment do not attempt to use it until you have been inducted.

Bristol Hackspace is privileged to have an enormous 1200mm by 900mm 80 Watt laser cutter.
The laser cutter is a fantastic tool that allows you to produce complex shapes from designs made in CAD. It's great for quick production of 2D designs and is one of the easier rapid prototyping machines to understand.

  • Any use of the laser must be in line with the Usage Agreement
  • There is a charge of £5.00/hour pro rata (0.0833 per minute) for laser cutting time (Not currently in place. May be re-introduced in the future)


All users MUST be inducted prior to using the laser. Please request an induction on the Google Group and familiarise yourself with the documentation prior to attending your induction.

Induction notes (Old)

Basic Guidelines

  • Inducted Bristol Hackspace members only
  • Approved materials only
  • Confirm that the chiller, extraction and air assist are working
  • Do not leave laser cutting unattended

Failure to follow the guidelines, or other unsafe use may result in your access being revoked and you will not be allowed to use the laser cutter.


Commonly Used Materials

  • Acrylic (up to ~12mm)
  • Plywood (up to ~10mm)
  • MDF (up to ~10mm)
  • Paper/Card

Full Materials List

Bristol Hackspace Documents

Suppliers Information

Suppler FAQ Page

User Manual - This is for the A1 Blacknose but the A0 Silvertail is the same design.

Dimensions for Just Add Sharks Laser Cutters

MPC6515 controller manual - This contains documentation for the laser cutter interface!

LaserCut 5.3 Manual - See section 4, Universal Edition

LaserCut 5.3 software and drivers


Maintenance Schedule

Weekly Maintenance Operations
  • Visually inspect the three mirrors and lens for dirt or damage - clean only if necessary
  • Remove bed, remove waste and clean cutting area
  • Check chiller filter - clean if necessary
  • Check chiller water level - fill with distilled water if necessary
Monthly Maintenance Operations
  • Clean the mirrors and lens
  • Check mirror alignment and make adjustments if necessary
  • Check the extraction system for damage or dirt build-up
  • Oil the linear bearings
  • Check the bed is level
  • Check chiller hoses for signs of wear
  • Check laser tube is free of bubbles

Laser Tube

The laser tube power output will deteriorate with use and need replacing when this falls below acceptable performance.

Calorimeter Tests
  • 10/04/2018 - Tube Power 77 Watts
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