Hackspace Website Steering Group meeting 2017-11-28

Date/time and location: 7pm, 28th Nov 2017 at the Hackspace

  • Review existing systems.
    Nottinghack HMS systems.
  • Collate ideas and technical points for new website requirements.
  • Collate potential platforms to host the new website features.
  • Action someone to find real costs for setting up and running various platforms.
  • AOB

Members: Kaspar B, Ross M, Tom G, Tarim.

Committee: Toby S (minutes), Arthur A, Russ C, Nick G.

Current Status

  1. smoother member application process & easier card request
  2. wiki (editable by members only)
  3. public forum and public-facing website
  • Tarim outlined our current situation:
    • website & wiki provided by Marcus Valentine @ xtreamlabs, billed every 6 months
    • we do not have full root access to the server
    • it is ultimately hosted by Bytemark
    • member Barney L has offered us free use of a server at MythicBeasts
    • we're not sure about root or what the situation would be if that offer ended
    • our current address bristol.hackspace.org.uk is a subdomain controlled by the UK Hackspace foundation and we have no control except via request
  • RC explained the NottingHack system *
    • in-house creation
    • manages approximately 600 members
    • almost fully automatic sign-up process
      • user registers
      • human sanity checks it's a legitimate request
      • system generates membership number & emails bank details
      • user sets up a standing order
      • system reconciles payments using member number
      • access card for building and inducted machinery is issued
      • if a payment isn't received the member is automatically warned via email
      • if still no payment received their access card is automatically blocked
  • NottingHack are currently creating v2 of their Hackspace system (HMS).
  • Both v1 & v2 are on github https://github.com/NottingHack
  • AA & KB have looked briefly at the code, written in php & cake and seems actively developed
  • RC has had contact with NottingHack and gone through the set up process.
  • They have offered us use of the code

Future Plans

  • Move away from bristol.hackspace.org.uk to the domain bristolhackspace.org.uk (already registered by AA)
  • Money will have to be spent, either in developing a custom site or tweaking the HMS
  • Agreed that NottingHack system should be tested for it's potential use at BristolHackspace
  • Agreed that having our own VPS (Virtual Private Server) would be the best way to ensure ease of management and continuity of service (i.e. we pay for the whole thing and have root access)
  • Create some way to securely share our login details to the various platforms we are on (Twitter / FB / Eventbrite / server etc …)
  • TS to investigate VPS providers who can take standing orders - we have no debit card
  • TS will circulate logins directly
  • Members to test server and report
  • TS to investigate shared credential management
  • Once new server is in place Tarim can migrate our existing site in it's entirety
  • AA will redirect DNS for to the VPS once migration if complete
  • AA will put the current member sign up system onto a subdomain until we have an integrated solution
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