Website Steering Group Meetings

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The Bristol Hackspace is about to undergo a massive website renovation. All members are welcome to get involved and have their say about the running of Bristol Hackspace and this includes what the new website should offer to members.

Currently the website could be described as an accretion of good ideas and different snippets of code located on various servers. At best this is barely fit for purpose and at times has been totally broken with no way of mending it. To add to this there is little documentation and no single go-to contact point for support or maintenance.
As membership has increased by almost tenfold since the early days of Bristol Hackspace when a lot of these systems were put in place there is now a significant amount of monthly background paperwork that the committee members have to do simply to keep on top of commitments. This is most notably handling membership, subs and accounts which could be eased with a better functioning website.

Because of the technical nature of these meetings and the potential for large investment of Bristol Hackspace resources the minutes of the meetings and technical details should be formally recorded. This should most notably include a document for the technical brief and requirement for the new website.

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