Who To-do Status
David write up draft laser cutter agreement on wiki: appoint someone locally who's in charge - who organises replacement tubes etc.? In progress - see laser cutter use agreement
David arrange money collection boxes for laser cutter and non-members
David describe instant-access fund and inform people
Matt initiate discussion with mailing list on where to put shelves
? Complete/extend work on budgeting
? hack together buzzer/intercom for main street door going to G11 or G10 Don't we have this already?
Who To-do Status
Aaron update web site to reflect notices
Who To-do Status
Russell D write Bristol Hackspace handbook Russell has redrafted, and David W has re-commented!
Nathan, John sort out assets register
Tarim look at Aktivix events mailing list
Tarim find out about making back door more accessible Matt speaking to locksmith (Jason from maxsecurity) 26/9/2012
David Instigate discussion of budget for consumables/kit
Tarim/David Review bank statements and annotate transactions
? Follow-up on Met Office hackday?
Who To-do Status
David sort out shared documents for accounts
Anton write out health and safety notices
Dominic get proper fire extinguisher
Matt put first aid kit on wall
Anton, David, Tarim, Matt get insurance quotes 30/8/2012 - Matt has 2 quotes, David to compile list of insurance companies
Damon sort out air quality egg workshop in progress - see update in meeting minutes for 28/6/2012
Who To-do Status
Matt get boxes
Anton, Aaron investigate health & safety / insurance
Tarim check electricity bills status awaiting email from Loz


Thanks to Richard Loxley who pointed out that having a Done List is sometimes more important than a To-Do List. This way the To-Do List doesn't seem so daunting and never-ending. Feel free to add done things even if they weren't in the to-do list.

Who Item Date done
Tarim obtain further door keys Obtained 21/9/2012
Barney start on moving hosting to his server Leave on sigsys for now
Tarim take on Architects' space 11/9/2012
Tarim find out about shelves from M2 11/9/2012 - shelves not available
David write access page for wiki mostly done 7 Sept 2012 - needs a picture of the street door, I think!
David scan BV Studios usage agreement & put on wiki done 7 Sept 2012
Tarim, David, Matt, Mike become bank signatories August 2012
David Put up Please Hack and Do Not Hack signs 28/6/2012
Alaric Buy microscope on Hackspace's behalf June 2012
David/Jon Measure space and draw scale plan June 2012
Aaron Move bank account details offline June 2012
Patrick Create Bristol Hackspace github repository 19/6/2012
Tarim write and send Rate Rebate Impact doucument 15/6/2012
Alaric update equipment wanted / wiki assets pages June 2012
Tarim put up newcomers notices 17/6/2012
Nathan buy oscilloscope on Hackspace behalf June 2012
Barney organise Bristol Hackspace table at Derby Maker Faire 6/6/2012 - very successful
David set up Google calendar June 2012
David, Mike chase up £20 DD payment with bank May 2012 - DD cancelled/refunded
Tarim check with Penny on status of space May 2012 - option on Architects' space
Barney sort out FSC hackday 23/5/2012 - great success
Dominic Check Nottinghack insurance April 2012 - theirs is more expensive and probably not suitable
Kaspar, Tarim get mailing list details April 2012
Aaron pass on web-site details March 2012
Tarim sort out twitter accounts March 2012
Aaron sort out contact forms March 2012
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