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Stuff, Storage, and Stickers Guide

Storage is at a premium at Hackspace. Our storage and stickering system ensures that space is used fairly, and that everyone understands what is what (so your treasured project parts aren’t mistaken for junk).

Storage in Hackspace is divided into three categories: 1 - Personal Projects, 2 - Tools and Equipment, and 3 - Donated Hackables.

Most of the space at Hackspace is strictly communal, and should not be used for your personal stuff. However we do have a few areas where you can store stuff related to current projects. Your options are:

  • A Project Box: You can keep small stuff in a project box, which must be kept on the Project Box Racking. Place a ‘personal’ sticker on the outside of the box to protect its contents. You are not usually allowed more than two project boxes at a time.
  • Workshop Materials: You can keep larger materials such as pieces of timber and plywood in the left-hand-side of the Materials Rack in G10. Place a ‘personal’ sticker clearly on each item to protect it.
  • Other Larger Items: These may be allowed, but only for short periods (typically under a month). Before bringing a larger personal item in, you must consult the Google Group. Large items should be stored in a sensible location that is not in the way of other members or could cause a hazard. There is a small space beside the Project Box Racking for this purpose. Do not store heavy items anywhere that other members could not move them safely. Place a ‘Short Stay’ sticker on the item to protect it.
  • Chemical Cupboard: You can store anything that may cause an unpleasant or hazardous spill in the Chemical Cupboard in G11. Place a ‘personal’ sticker on each item to protect it, unless you are donating it to the Hackspace.

Never leave your personal stuff out on the workbenches between visits. Stuff left on the benches can be considered fair game for hacking or disposal. Hackspace accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to your stuff.

Personal Item Stickers should be used to protect project boxes, chemicals containers, and materials in left-hand side of the Material Rack in G10. They use a seasonal four-colour system, where at any given time of year, three of the colours offer protection, and one does not. This means applying the current season’s sticker offers your stuff up to three seasons of protection.

When applying a sticker:

  • Use the correct colour sticker for this season (details available next to the sticker tray).
  • Fill in your name, contact information, and the current year on the sticker. The sticker is invalid without these details, and your stuff could be hacked or disposed of.
  • Store your stickered item correctly (Project Box Rack, Chemical Cupboard or left-hand Materials Rack)

Items are considered “abandoned” when their sticker’s colour becomes unprotected. Abandoned items are liable to be disposed of, although we will attempt to contact you first. You can store stuff for longer by keeping the sticker up-to-date. This shows you haven’t abandoned the item.

Anything else you store in Hackspace should be labeled with a ‘Short Stay’ sticker, showing the owner and the date they are due to leave.

Hackspace accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to personal items stored at the Hackspace.

Donated Hackables are things for anyone to use as they see fit in their projects. To make it clear what is up for hacking, hackable stuff is stored:

  • On the Hack-Me Wall in G11.
  • In the Hack-Me Corner in G10 (comprising pick-and-mix trays, tube array, and right-hand materials rack).
  • In the tiny drawers around the Electronics Benches.

Our stock of assorted useful stuff is one of the things that makes hackspace special, so we encourage you to donate things like:

  • Any surplus common parts, hardware, components, and materials.
  • Stuff which can be easily stripped for valuable or interesting parts.

Do not donate:

  • Junk, household rubbish, scrap, etc.
  • Stuff with no valuable easily-strippable parts, like old TVs, VCRs, and broken laptops.
  • Stuff we already have lots of.

When you donate something hackable, you should store it in one of the Hack-Me areas listed above. These areas are partly organised into labeled boxes and bins, so try and put your donation in the right place, if that place exists.

If there is no space for your donated item, either refrain from donating it, or try and make space by clearing up the hackables areas. For larger hackables, post on the Google Group to discuss an appropriate location and time limit for storage.

Remember that hackables are for all members to use however they see fit. If you would be upset to see your donation hacked in an unexpected way, don’t donate it.

Hackspace is full of tools and equipment for the use of its members. If something isn’t stored or labeled as either somebody’s personal project item or as a hackable item, it’s probably piece of equipment you can use. We also have some areas of hackspace that are specifically for storing tools and equipment. These are:

  • On the Tools and Equipment Wall in G11.
  • In the Tool Cupboards under the bench in G10.
  • In the drawers and on the shelves of the Electronics Area.
  • Anywhere else, bearing a “DO NOT HACK – NO TIME LIMIT” sticker.

If you bring a tool into the Hackspace, it is considered a donation to Hackspace and you should expect other members to use it too.

Before donating a tool:

  • Consider if it will actually benefit Hackspace. We don’t want tools that are dangerous, worn-out, low-quality, unrelated to typical Hackspace activities, or that we already have lots of.
  • Check there is space for it. For small tools this may just mean checking there is room in the appropriate location in the list above. For larger items (such as pieces of workshop machinery) contact the committee first to discuss an appropriate location.

As well as storing the item correctly, is highly advised that you put a “DO NOT HACK” sticker on it, to ensure it is not mistakenly hacked.

You can also put a “Long-Term Loan” sticker on it, which clarifies that although you are leaving it at the space, you wish to retain a claim on it, and may remove it in the future.

Despite best intentions, Hackspace can’t guarantee that donated or loaned items won’t get lost, broken, hacked, or mistaken for junk and disposed of. If you would be upset if it got broken or thrown away, do not donate it. Hackspace accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to donated or loaned items.

There may be times when you want to take a tool out of Hackspace temporarily to solve a problem you have at home. In general, this is okay, as long as you:

  • Post to the Google Group at least 48 hours before you want to borrow the equipment, including details of what you want to borrow and for how long.
  • Do not borrow the tool if there are any objections from other members.
  • Make sure that you return the tool in good working order in the time frame you promised.

Consumables are hackable items that Hackspace deems so useful and generic that we attempt to keep them in stock.

Consumables are kept for the reasonable light use by all members. If you are using a large proportion of our stock of any item, then this is not reasonable light use, and you should buy it yourself rather than deplete the Hackspace supply.

If you find that a consumable item is running low or has run out, Hackspace will refund you if you restock it. If you are unable to replace the item in question, put a message on the Google Group so someone else can replace it.

If you think of equipment or infrastructure that the Hackspace might need, you can make a purchase proposal. If your proposal is successful, you can make the purchase and submit receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement. You can find out how to make purchase proposals on our wiki.

Lots of people cycle to hackspace, so please be considerate with your bicycle:

  • The area in front of the windows beside the external door in G11 is especially for storing bikes, so please leave your bike here (and nothing else).
  • Do not leave your bike in the corridor, main entrance hall, or any other part of the building.
  • Do not use the Hackspace for long term storage of your bike. Our bike area is for members who are cycling in, not for storing your spare bikes. If you want to temporarily keep a bike at the space as part of a project, contact the membership for short-term permission and label it, as with any other large personal object .

Hackspace infrastructure consists of our furniture, fittings, shelving, electrical installations, large tools, machinery, and computers. Do not hack our infrastructure! Any changes to the infrastructure (such as moving the furniture or altering mains wiring) requires a formal proposal.

On no account should any part of BV Studios fixtures be altered without express permission from the building manager.

When disposing of rubbish, we provide bins for landfill, recycling, sharps, and dead batteries.

When the landfill or recycling bins become full, take them to the bin room in the BV Studios foyer and empty them into the appropriate dumpster.

For information about what can and cannot be recycled at Hackspace, see the BV Studios Guide, and please note that none of our bins take wood. You must take this home with you.

The Disposal Rack in G11 is provided as a staging ground for significant items on their way out of hackspace. These include: Unwanted or surplus Donated Hackables. Stuff owned by Hackspace, such as broken tools which are unlikely to be repaired. Personal items with expired stickers (provided you've attempted to contact the owner). Significant items that aren't identifiable as belonging to anyone, and aren't useful.

If you identify something that you're sure fits one of these categories, you can put it on the disposal rack.

If you see something on the Disposal Rack that shouldn't be there, take it off and store or sticker it correctly.

Items remain on the Disposal Rack until someone takes them to the tip. You can help Hackspace out by taking stuff to the tip.

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