Health and Safety Policy

It is the policy of Bristol Open Technology Lab (encompassing Bristol Hackspace) to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our activities.

  • We aim to provide, maintain and oversee safe and healthy working conditions, equipment, and systems of work for all members and visitors.
  • We aim to provide such information and supervision as is needed for this purpose.
  • We aim to implement suitable emergency procedures in case of fire or other significant incident.
  • We aim to ensure safe handling and use of hazardous substances, in line with COSHH regulations.
  • We aim to hold Public Liability Insurance.
  1. Overall and final responsibility for health and safety at Bristol Hackspace lies with the Directors. This responsibility may be delegated to a named member as deemed appropriate.
  2. This said, all members have a duty to:
    1. cooperate with the Directors on health and safety matters.
    2. not interfere with anything provided to safeguard their health and safety.
    3. take reasonable care of their own and others’ health and safety.
    4. use equipment correctly in accordance with instructions and inductions.
    5. report all health and safety concerns to a Director.
    6. prevent or remove any hazards and not knowingly leave them in place.

General risk assessments of our space and equipment will be carried out annually by the Directors. The Directors will carry out risk assessments within two months of major changes that are made are to our permanent venue or equipment. Responsibility for observing the decisions made in the risk assessment lies with all users of Bristol Hackspace.

The Directors will check at monthly intervals that actions have been taken and risks have been removed or reduced. These checks will occur at Directors’ and members’ meetings.

Risk assessments for one-off events or activities will be carried out by the member who is planning that activity. That member is responsible for liaising with the person in charge of the actual event (this may be the same person), and the Directors, to ensure hazards are dealt with as outlined in the risk assessment.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) relevant to activities carried out at Bristol Hackspace will be located near the entrance to the workshop. All members are responsible for checking PPE stock levels and informing the Directors of any shortages. Additionally, the Directors will check the stock levels at least every two months.

First aid boxes and eyewash stations will be permanently located by the entrance of each room.

All members are responsible for checking the stock levels whenever they are used and informing the Directors of any shortages. Additionally, the Directors will check the stock levels at least every two months.

All accidents and incidents that result in an injury or could potentially have resulted in injury, even if they did not, are to be recorded in the Incident Book, reported to the Directors by email, or reported to the entire membership in a new topic on the Google Group.

We will comply with fire safety plans as dictated by BV Studios. Fire extinguishers and fire blankets will be permanently located beside the entrances to each room. Fire extinguishers will be inspected annually and serviced as appropriate. Escape routes will be defined and kept clear.

We will take steps to avoid unnecessary risk and very high levels of risk. However, activities typical to a Hackspace inherently involve some risk. Learning about and employing risk management is a necessary part of “making”. We therefore aim to protect our members from unnecessary and very high risk levels and provide guidance and support to help members manage risk for themselves.

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