BV Studios Guide

All members must abide by the rules set by BV Studios. Breaking these rules can put the Hackspace’s tenancy at risk. BV Studios rules have precedence over Hackspace rules.

Do not store anything in the communal areas of the building, including the corridors, lobby, toilets, and kitchens. This includes keeping your bicycle in the corridor, or putting “free to a good home” stuff in the lobby.

Internet access in the Hackspace is provided by the building wide BV Studios WiFi. This means the network infrastructure itself as well as other clients on the network must be treated as Do Not Hack.

In addition BV Studios has a strict policy against peer to peer file sharing (e.g. BitTorrent, Gnutella etc) and will treat use of these services as piracy. This may result in the associated devices being banned from the network and a complaint made against you by the building management. The building management may also charge a fee for device unblocking, which you will be personally liable for. Please refrain from use of peer to peer file sharing while in the space, and do not install any associated software on any Hackspace devices.

All containers of compressed gas (including inert gases) are expressly forbidden in BV Studios.

Welding and similar naked flame hot-work are forbidden in BV Studios.

Please note that the building's waste is managed by a private firm, and the recycling rules are not the same as you may be used to from Bristol Council. The signs in the bin store clarify exactly what is and is not allowed in each skip. In particular, note that the recycling bin does not handle glass, and that neither bin handles wood. You must take all of your wood offcuts home with you for disposal.

BV’s Recycling Bin is for:

  • Clean recyclable plastic
  • Tins and cans
  • Clean paper and card

And not for:

  • Glass
  • Soiled items
  • Food waste
  • Black plastic
  • Plastic films

BV’s Landfill Bin is for:
Everything except…

  • Things that go in the recycling bin
  • Any wood (including ply, MDF, etc.)
  • WEEE
  • Batteries

Hackspace does not hold fire alarm tests or drills. BV Studios will notify the Google Group or Directors if they plan any tests.

If you hear the fire alarm you must exit the building as promptly and safely as possible. Power down any tools you are using if they would present a risk running unattended.

You must make a judgement about your ability to tackle any minor fire using the provided extinguishers. If in doubt, don’t.

Exit the building using the the designated fire exits. The nearest fire exit to Hackspace is through the kitchen next to G12. The glass door in G11 is not a fire exit, but if it’s open, use it.

Do not stop to collect personal possessions.

Call 999 to report the fire as BV Studio’s alarm system does not call them automatically.

Congregate outside Windmill City Farm opposite the main entrance and let any officials know which room you came from, and if anyone was left behind.

Only return to the building once you have been told it is safe to do so by the authorities.

Ensure that BV Studios is kept secure. Keep external doors and windows locked when you are not in the room. Do not prop internal doors open. Do not allow people into the building who should not be here.

Keep the glass door out onto Stillhouse Lane locked unless you need to use it. Never leave the glass door unlocked when nobody is in G11. Not even if you’re just popping to G10 or the loo.

Leave G10 locked unless you’re using it.

The only way to get guaranteed 24-hour access to Hackspace is to get a building access card and G11 door key from the owner of BV Studios.

The building owner requires each member have their own door card and key to use the space. Never lend your card or key to anybody else. Cards and keys cannot be jointly held. Do not let anybody borrow or share your card or key.

When you become a member, the Directors will forward your details to the building owner who will contact you to arrange paying for your card and key. For more information, see the Membership Guide.

Please note that apart from verifying your membership and forwarding your details, Hackspace has no control over the card and key issuance process (including the timescale), so once you are in contact with the building owner, please refer your queries to him.

There are a few ways to get into Hackspace once you have signed up, but before you get your card and key:

  • Post a message on the Google Group asking if there’s going to be anybody around to let you in.
  • Use our guaranteed opening times of Thursday evenings or any other posted events where we open the space to the public.
  • Take the chance of turning up and knocking on glass door! If the lights are on, then someone is probably in there.

Once in, you must inform other present members that you don’t have a card yet. This is so they don’t leave you alone in the space and unable to lock up behind yourself.

Once you have your card and key, you can let yourself into Hackspace whenever you want, by following these steps:

  1. Use your card to enter through main doors on Philip Street, opposite Windmill City Farm gates.
  2. In the main lobby, use your card to enter through double doors on left.
  3. Follow the corridor through various double doors. Use your key to open G11.
  4. Remember to keep your card and key on your person (not in your bag) otherwise you can get locked out by accident!

If you need to use our workshop in G10, the key is kept in G11. The key to the glass door out onto Stillhouse Lane is kept in the same place.

If you are the last one out of Hackspace, you must:

  1. Check all equipment, including lights and heaters, is switched off in both G10 and G11.
  2. Lock the glass door and return the key to its normal location.
  3. Lock G10 and return the key to its normal location.
  4. Lock G11 with your key and exit via the building’s main door.

If you don’t have your card and key yet, you can’t stay in Hackspace if there are no keyholders present.

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