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Building Rules

All members must abide by the rules set by our landlord, Meridian Studios. Breaking these rules could put the Hackspace’s tenancy at risk. Meridian Studios' rules have precedence over Hackspace rules.

Do not park on the forecourt, park on the street. The forecourt spaces are rented to other tenants of the building.

Hackspace only has use of the space directly in front of our roller shutter. This is for doing stuff and loading/unloading, not for parking.

There is a secure bicycle storage facility behind the building. This is provided to support folks who want to cycle in, not as a storage opportunity for your spare bikes.

Please give the other tenants of the building their privacy and refrain from poking around upstairs. The facilities upstairs are not intended for the use of Hackspace members.

Please don't try and store anything in the upstairs communal areas, or the entryway, including bicycles.

Always check that the outer door latches behind you when entering or leaving the building.

Do not leave the roller shutter or fire escape door open and unattended for long periods.

If you are the last one out, ensure the roller shutter, fire escape, and windows are closed before leaving.

We can make reasonable use of the building's bins (kept around the corner on Queen Victoria Street), but must be careful not to totally fill them with Hackspace waste. They are collected fortnightly.

Note that the building's waste is managed by a private firm, and the recycling rules are not the same as Bristol Council!

The *recycling* bin is for:

  • Clean paper and card.
  • Tins and cans.
  • Recyclable plastic.

It is not for:

  • Glass.
  • Soiled items.
  • Food waste.
  • Plastic films.

The *landfill* bin is for “light compatible waste” only. This does not include:

  • Any wood, ply, MDF, etc.
  • Any metal.
  • WEEE.
  • Batteries.

Note that neither bin handles wood! You must take all of your wood offcuts home with you for disposal.


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