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 ===== Attendees ===== ===== Attendees =====
-Directors:  +Directors: Alex R, Matt G 
-Members: +Members: Alex R, Billy GPS, Chris W Sr, Fraser H, Vicky H, Joe B, Choco Jon, Russ C, Nic M, Mark H, Oliver C, Richard L, Richard D, Ryan H, Welsh Dave, Jon Davis, Joe C, Adam A 
 +Apologies and Proxies from Felix H, Nick G, 
 +Proxy from Aussie Dave
 ===== Minutes ===== ===== Minutes =====
 +  * AR - Open Social Evenings resume from 20th
 +  * Advice from next week: Wear a face covering in enclosed spaces where social distancing is not always possible and they come into contact with others that they do not normally meet
 +  * Matt G - New signup process proposed.
 +    * Joe C - recommends an induction.
 +    * Chris W Sr - suggests a Tour on first visit / induction on second visit.
 +    * Joe C - Let's do the inductions one week, tours next week.
 +    * Chris W Sr - Video would resolve this.
 +    * Joe C - We don't have videos yet though
 +    * Chris W Sr - Do we agree to the rules when we sign up?
 +    * Matt G - Yes.
 +    * Russ C - Let's have a time fixed time for inductions?
 +    * Matt G - How about - Tours are informal every Thursday - inductions are fixed at 8:30 every Thursday.
 +    * Above put to vote - Yes from Chris W, Richard L, Oliver C, Russ C, Fraser H, Mark H, Adam A, Joc C, Christian E, Billy GPS, Jon D, Dan Bailey, David Grundy, Jasmine B, Ryan H, Alex R, Nic M.
 +  * Alex R - What the heck should we do with our google group
 +    * Straw poll in meeting showed overwhelming support for moving to a forum from the google group
 ==== Incident review ==== ==== Incident review ====
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