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 ===== Agenda ===== ===== Agenda =====
-**TBA**+  Directors' report 
 +  Incident review 
 +  Complaints review 
 +  Proposals review 
 +  * Consumables 
 +  * Dust in G10 
 +  * Day One Induction Process 
 +  * Card Access System. 
 +  * Email and Website Hosting 
 +  * Vanity domain 
 +  * Ongoing projects 
 +  * Inducting Inductors 
 +  * Rearranging Hackspace debrief + thanks 
 +  * BV Open Studios 2020 (10th Year Anniversary) 
 +  * Christmas party debrief + thanks 
 +=== Present === 
 +=== Apologies ===  
 +==== Directors' report ==== 
 +==== Incident review ==== 
 +==== Complaint review ==== 
 +==== Proposals review ==== 
 +==== Consumables ==== 
 +David K. Sandpaper grits. \\ 
 +David K. Disposable rubber gloves\\ 
 +David K. Mineral turpentine\\ 
 +Nick M. Filters for the air filtration system (https://www.axminster.co.uk/electrostatic-filter-for-jet-afs-500-1000b-air-filter-708731)\\ 
 +==== Dust in G10 ==== 
 +Nick M. Discussing / coming to a agreement about how much dust is acceptable for both Hackspace and myself (Nick M) and ways to control it.\\ 
 +Nick M. Have spare filters for the air filtration system, hoover, and dust extractor on the consumables list.\\ 
 +Nick M. Storing spare filters on top of the air filter. \\ 
 +==== Day One Induction ==== 
 +David K. Creating a 'day-one' induction procedure which covers the basic membership mindset the issues we've been having lately. (proper use of extractors, lock-up procedure, more concrete safety procedures for each bit equipment ect) Creating had-copy guidance on various aspects (closing up, FAQs, proposals, list of consumables and how to buy them)  \\ 
 +==== Card Access System ==== 
 +==== Email and Website Hosting ==== 
 +Felix - We currently have basic shared hosting which we do not have admin access to and our current email setup is simply a forwarder to the personal email of the person responsible. Additionally we are totally reliant on a domain belonging to the UK Hackspace foundation, an organisation that isn't very active of late. 
 +We've been modernising the Hackspace web presence and in order to consolidate this and our email lists and membership database we would like to take on a VPS for the hackspace's web presence, and to have a domain which we control for email. In addition the upcoming access control database is going to need a home for its interface and off site clone. 
 +Approval for ongoing cost of £15+VAT PCM for hosting to be used for email, website, and wiki hosting and upcoming access control master database. £16+VAT PA for .org domain to remove 100% reliance on Hackspace foundation. These fall outside of our standard proposals process due to being an ongoing cost. This is to be run in parallel to our current solution while it is developed, with a full cutover planned by the summer. 
 +==== Vanity Domain ==== 
 +In addition to a respectable .org it has been suggested that we should buy a .space vanity domain while we are at it. 
 +==== Ongoing projects ==== 
 +CNC:  Fully functional with the exception of extraction. there is a proposal for this that needs more support.  An induction day is coming\\ 
 +Lathe: \\ 
 +PCB CNC:  \\ 
 +Print Server: \\ 
 +Large Scale CNC Update: \\ 
 +==== Inducting Inductors ==== 
 +A discussion on the process for becoming an inductor, as there is currently a lack of inductors  
 +==== Rearranging Hackspace ==== 
 +RC Still need to interate new equipment in G10  \\ 
 +RC set a date for this, sort of a mini rearrange \\ 
 +MG - Updates to "Stuff Stickers and Storage Guide" to reflect new locations after the re-arrange, and to add the "no storage in the workshop" rule. [[botlab:policies:stuff_storage_stickers_v2|See new version here]]. 
 +==== BV Open Studios ==== 
 +It's the 10th BV Studio open doors event in Spring 2020. \\  
 +Robert the building manager wants this to be an event to remember and bigger than the previous ones. \\  
 +It was suggested to do a **collaborative HS project** but to leave planning until a bit closer to the event. \\  
 +HS Has funds that can support activities and expenses for this event however the usual proposal system will apply.\\ 
 +==== Christmas Party Debrief and thanks ==== 
 +Thanks to membership for a party well run.  
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