BOTLab members' meeting 12th November 2019

Date/time and location: 7pm, Tuesday 12th November 2019 at the Hackspace (G11)


  • Directors' report
  • Incident review
  • Complaints review
  • Proposals review
  • Ongoing projects
  • Meeting types
  • Rearranging Hackspace
  • Policies - wording tweaks
  • Finances warning
  • Laser cutter
  • Circuit bending club
  • Christmas party
  • Director Step Down - Ryan

Directors' report

Incident review

RH - There have now been 2 incidents of non members entering the space through the glass door and trying to remove/steal items.

  1. The first incident, youths tried to remove aluminium ladders. When confronted they picked up items such as a hammer to threaten members
  2. The second occasion, 2 men were overheard planning to steal bikes and then when they entered the space to remove the bikes were confronted my Jenny who scared them off.

I believe some kind of control is now required to reduce/stop this. Maybe the topic of CCTV may need to be raised to collect evidence if required. Yet again i would suggest a vote of fitting a automatic clase mechanism to remove the visual opportunity for passer-bys to scout out the space. - if agreed we can then approach Robert to get his permission.

Complaint review

Proposals review

Ongoing projects

Clarifying different meeting types

NG - Purposes of Directors' and members' meetings

Rearranging Hackspace

MG - Discussion and proposal to address some recently identified issues at Hackspace, by tweaking the space arrangements

Policies - wording tweaks

MG - Minor changes to wording of Hackspace policies

Finances warning

NG - things to worry about from what is going on at Nottinghack and London Hackspace

Laser cutter

FH - Laser cutter service

Circuit bending club

JM? - Circuit bending club started

Christmas party

RC - Christmas party planning!

Director Step Down - Ryan

RDH = Ryan will perform his Director duties until Christmas but wil be stepping down in the new year.

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