BOTLab members' meeting 19th November 2019

Date/time and location: 7pm, Tuesday 12th November 2019 at the Hackspace (G11)

RESCHEDULED: 7pm, Tuesday 19th November 2019 at the Hackspace (G11)

  • Directors' report
  • Incident review
  • Complaints review
  • Proposals review
  • Ongoing projects
  • Meeting types
  • Rearranging Hackspace
  • Policies - wording tweaks
  • Finances warning
  • Laser cutter
  • Circuit bending club
  • Christmas party
  • Director Step Down - Ryan

Russ C, Felix, Alex, Mark, Mark C, Vicci, Frazor, John D, Pam, Richard, Johnny, Chris W.

Nick M

Hermiony M

Director report topics covered in main meeting agenda.

RH - There have now been 2 incidents of non members entering the space through the glass door and trying to remove/steal items.

  1. The first incident, youths tried to remove aluminium ladders. When confronted they picked up items such as a hammer to threaten members
  2. The second occasion, 2 men were overheard planning to steal bikes and then when they entered the space to remove the bikes were confronted my Jenny who scared them off.

RH -I believe some kind of control is now required to reduce/stop this.

Mark: Can everyone have keys please.
Felix: Keys are managed by Robert buildings manager and this is the bottle neck in supply.

VOTE: Removing door open latch (ie does not automatically stay open).
YAY: Unanimous.
NAY: Zero.
Noted that this is a setting on the current closing mechanism and can be adjusted without the need to consult Robert.

CCTV not discussed

It was noted that members in general should be more vigilant when the door is open when using G11. Especially if you leave the room and the door was opened by someone else.

No on going complaints.

Laser cutter proposal:
Laser Cutter New Tube
Laser underperforming at low power - not firing below 35-40.
This makes it useless at fine detail and engraving.
New tube was replaced HOWEVER this was not the actual problem.
The problem is actually related to the main HV Laser power supply.
A New power supply is on order and will be fitted ASAP.

Alex Bought various parts for the CNC machine.

Ready for practice inductions. After induction process is tested and proved adaquate it will be open to the rest of the membership.
Russ described the status of the Lathe and how to work around the remaining saddle and pinion problem. After this generating an induction process will commence. The induction will require passing a practical test of competency. Estimated time to use approx before next members meeting.

Felix described using the same system of CNC control and tool path so as the induction for the large CNC will also cover this machine.

NG - Purposes of Directors' and members' meetings.
There has been confusion in some members as to the scope of the directors meeting. A brief difference was given by Felix however NG wanted to go into greater detail but was unable to attend.

MG(absent) - Discussion and proposal to address some recently identified issues at Hackspace, by tweaking the space arrangements.
G11 Has had a rearrange about a year ago.
Few things identified as needed improvement because of duplicated utilities in the Biohack area and dead space in other parts of the room. There has also been hazardous overspill of wood in the storage area of G10.
Driving force for action was G10 being a bit of a tip with badly functioning storage area which have lead to tripping incidents using other equipment and similar H&S issues.
We have demand for space in G10 for the recently donated tools + Two CNC machines.

Much detail of the proposed changes were discussed but there was confusion about finer details which were unable to be explained as MG is championing this but was absent.
There are FOUR main points to the move.

  1. Move Storage into G11 and introduce a blanket ban on all materials storage in G10.
  2. Split hackables and members materials storage in to two distinct areas.
  3. Reshuffle the sofas / Soldering + Test stations / Kitchen unit / Print Station.
  4. Significantly increase member project box area.

Several minor debates were held over,
Wood storage and the practicabilities of the stored wood spilling and becoming a trip hazard considered.
The Sofa and kitchen area shuffle and various pros and cons of relocating them.

VOTE: Take action ie Move stuff into G11 from G10 + rearrange project storage area:

Two plans for the above were proposed. \ VOTE: 1 Move stuff next door into here and not rearranging anything else.
VOTE: 2 Move stuff next door into here and sort the rest of the sofas and benches and print area.
Agreement to follow up these decisions with a survey considering options for finer details.

VOTE: BUDGET £500. + food refreshments for all helping out on the day

Timescale of before Xmas.
Date 14th and 15th Dec.
Suggestion was made to have a 'warm up session' on the Friday afternoon evening for those who had commitments during the weekend to support us.

MG - Minor changes to wording of Hackspace policies
Deferred as Matt G is absent.

NG(absent) - Things to maybe worry about from what is going on at Nottinghack and London Hackspace.
These other hackspaces are having or have had financial difficulties.
London lost their lease.
Oxford have not renewed their lease.
Nottinghack ended up signing a tenancy agreement they can not afford and are now running at a loss.
Various members have raised concerns about our financial situation.
FH on behalf of HS Directors + NG (Treasurer) We don't have these problems because out membership income is greater than our expenditure.
FH We also currently have an astute treasurer who would not let us slip into anything like this with out warning.

It's the 10th BV Studio open doors event in Spring 2020.
Robert the buildings manager wants this to be an event to remember and bigger than the previous ones.
It was suggested to do a collaborative HS project but to leave planning until a bit closer to the event.
HS Has funds that can support activities and expenses for this event however the usual proposal system will apply.

Jenny has started up a Circuit Bending Club.
This has been very successful on a Tuesday night and has attracted members to use the space more frequently.

(FH - Laser cutter service) (Not covered in meeting)

RC - Christmas party planning!
Hebo Competition was agreed on.
Snackfoods were agreed

Vote £150 Unanimous for snackfoods and robot bits.
Vote Date: Date 19th Unanimous.

RDH = Ryan will perform his Director duties until Christmas but will be stepping down in the new year.

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