BOTLab members' meeting 17th September 2019

Date/time and location: 7pm, Tuesday 10th September 2019 at the Hackspace Adjourned to 7.30pm as not quorate Adjourned to 7pm, Tuesday 17th September at the Hackspace Adjourned to 7.30pm as not quorate

  • Directors' report
  • Incident review
  • Complaints review
  • PAT Testing.
  • Proposals review
  • Ongoing projects
  • Change to Stuff, Storage, and Stickers Guide
  • Champions (non-Director roles)
  • Big CNC Router access
  • AOB


NG, RC, Felix, Matt G


Johnny T, Mark P, Tom G


Nic M, Herminonie, E Gover, Richard S, Katja, Jasmin, Ryan, Rich L.

Locks on glass door have been changed to keep up with insurance and security requirements.
PAT testing coming up. This is routine testing of all equipment so not up for voting etc. Using the same service as last time.
Nick G given up membership roles, Ryan and Felix taken this over.

Key access: Backlog currently being dealt with and keys recently issued.
Website: Process for obtaining a key changed, password protected. Hackspace taken more of the process to take the strain off Robert.

Nic G: Chased up 25 outstanding membership payments. 5 members cancelled formally. 16 memberships terminated as payment outstanding. Remaining 4 members set up new payments.

No new incidents in book.
Dust build-up in G10 dealt with by purchasing a new dust filter.
Suggestion that members are not using dust extraction properly.
Reminder that door lock / building security is members responsibility.
Members have been leaving projects out. See main topic below.
Trips have been randomly going off in G10. This will be monitored.

Missing art work: HS was contacted by former member. Very unclear about what is being asked. Doing best to placate the situation. Same person is claiming back abandoned equipment. As with the artwork claim this is difficult to address however doing best to placate the situation.

Proposal to sell the metal lathe

Proposal and background: As the metal lathe has been in the space for approaching a year with the members unable to use it, I propose that we sell it. It is my understanding that the original proposal was for a fully functional lathe, as opposed to a project, so this seems a good reason to sell it.

A lathe would be a fantastic addition to the space, and I would support using the proceeds of the sale to purchase a new/used but functional one.

Russ has clearly put a lot of hard work into the lathe, so I don't mean to knock that in any way. However, I think this is a solution worth discussing at the members' meeting

Alex has suggested we sell the lathe as described above.

The purchase was via a competing proposal of an old vs new lathe.

A discussion about the lathe took place as a result a proposal get it into service by xmas was made at which point it will be reviewed at a members meeting.
The emphasis on the work was to make it functional then tackle any outstanding non essential maintenance at a later date.
Proposed review at Jan 2020 members meeting.
Mark E Pitt offered to help RC lead the project.

Vote shall we sell:
Yay: 2
Nay: Rejected.
Working on it was accepted as a way forwards.

CNC mill

Currently redoing the wiring to make it robust and last.
The CNC mill milled a thing. ie it has been functional.
A Water leak has been fixed.
Lockout of spindle motor and scope of operation discussed.
E-Stop requirements discussed.
Get the mill operational then add extra features

Metal lathe

As main topic above.

PCB mill

Felix: Technically ignoring this project in preference to the main CNC mill.
The PCB mill needs similar work to the CNC Mill and it will be cost effective for parts and induction effort to have them the same etc As they require similar comissioning work ir was considered wise to finish one mill then repeat the effort on the second one.
Scope of operation and machine capability was discussed.

Card access

Russ, Felix, Matt. update.
Software done, Working on hardware parts.
Circuitry next stage.
Software update: Nice HTML5 interface.

We wish to change the following paragraph:

Never leave your personal stuff out on the workbenches between visits. Stuff left on the benches can be considered fair game for hacking or disposal. Hackspace accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to your stuff.


Never leave your personal stuff out on the workbenches between visits without informing the membership via the Google Group and leaving a note on your stuff. Ideally ask for permission on the Google Group beforehand, but at the very least put a message up as soon as possible after leaving your stuff out. Stuff left on the benches can be considered fair game for hacking or disposal if not adequately labelled. Hackspace accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to your stuff.

This will be a simple vote to accept or reject the changes.
Yay: 7
Nay: 2
Abstain: 4

Suggestion to make the phrase less wordy. To be discussed next meeting.

We need members to fill the following roles:

  • G11 test equipment champion
  • G10 workshop champion
  • Disposals champion
  • Donated hackables champion
  • Inductors and maintainers for the wood lathe
  • Inductors for 3D printer
  • Inductors for bandsaw
  • Maintainers for laser cutter

We will also be advertising on Google Group to, please get in touch with the Directors if you're interested.

Background: Nic Marshall wants to officially loan the cnc router to the Hackspace. To do this Hackspace will need to rent the space it sits on for insurance purposes (The floor space it needs is 2.8m x 3.3m, which is 9.24m2. I'm not sure how much we pay per m2, but I think 9.24m2 is around £39 a month.)
One more thing to clarify is Nic's mezzanine space. He'll still need access to this. It'll be good to have in writing that Hackspace is cool with him keeping this space, which will be above a bit Hackspace rents.
Once this is done, it just needs a card reader and emergency stop added on the booth and its ready to have some inductions to be sorted.

Felix: Explains the above proposal.

Hackspace spent £650 making the enclosure.
Robert requires the fire safety officer to declare it is fire safe. ie a fire alarm installed and connected to main building.
Hakspace may be liable for the cost of the alarm addition.
Nik M would like to keep his mezzanine floor storage above the mill.
Would storage on top of the enclosure and below the mezzanine floor be hackspace or Nics?
Felix: Some niggling problems to improve the presentation. ie The cooling system is shonky.
RC: Consider safety of storage on mezzanine space as it is above head height.

What time scale for sorting above fire alarm and induction etc, ie time to make it actually useful to members. ?

Matt G: Who is going to be champion of it, is who is going to maintain and lead the proposals.
If interest is overall low for the mill it will automatically come under review as per the Lathe earlier in this meeting.
Will we be able to hand it back in the future: Overall agreement it will be part of the deal?

Vote is for PROVISIONALLY taking the mill on with condition as above including Robert approval etc.
Review potentially Jan Members meeting 2020
Yay: 6
Nay: 4
Abstain 1

Johnny T: Suggestion a noticeboard for Hackspace notices.
Light dust over everything on G10, people not using the dust extraction.
Belt sander not being used with the extraction.
Tom G: Difficulty locating the member meeting details from the front page.
Katja: Questioned the quorum numbers. In the past meetings have been well attended.
Better engagement would be more advantageous than reducing quorum numbers.
Remote voting with better chance to debate topics would serve the community was discussed.
Matt G Suggests a system to attract more proxy votes is needed.

Meeting ends.

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