BOTLab members' meeting 9 July 2019

Date/time and location: 7pm, 9 July 2019 at the Hackspace
Adjourned to 7.30pm as not quorate

This was a General Meeting.

  • Directors' report
  • Incident review
  • Proposals
  • Complaints review
  • Removing Children in the Hackspace Policy
  • Imposing time limit on proposals
  • Socket set has gone missing
  • AOB

Members: Simon B, Ben T, Richard L, Jen M, Alex R, Oli C, John D, Ross M, Emily G

Directors: Nick G (chair, minutes), Russ C, Felix H

Apologies: Marrit M, Ryan H, Matt G, Richard S, Katja H, Tom G, Jasmine B

Directors' report

  • Continuing to have informal conversations with members to promote new rules and bring use of the Hackspace in line with new membership guide documents.
  • In line with the above point, NG will be contacting the few members with “irregular” membership arrangements.
  • We are impressed with RH's work in getting CNC mill up and running. We encourage other members to emulate his level of communication when working on Hackspace projects (i.e. metal lathe, other CNC mill).
  • RC will organise a G10 cleanup event.
  • We have a record number of members!


  • We are low on plasters. They are on the consumables, any member can purchase and claim back the money.
  • RC tripped over anvil. Directors addressed informally with responsible member.
  • ARo got a tingle from the CNC. He has now made it safeish.


  • ARo will do proposal for wire strippers.
  • ARu has purchased palm sander.
  • Plunge router proposal has passed.

Complaints review

  • The Directors have received a complaint from a former member about missing property. We have formally replied to the complaint. At this stage the Directors see no need to recommend any changes.
  • There was an informal complaint about the workbench in G10 being taken up by a single member over a couple of days. The Directors decided to address this informally at this stage.
  • The Directors wish to recruit a member to assist with addressing a sensitive complaint. ARo volunteers.

Removing Children in the Hackspace Policy

The current Children in the Hackspace Policy has been superseded by the new membership guide documents accepted at the 2019 AGM. This vote will be to remove it and rely on the new documentation.
Unanimous approval.

Imposing time limit on proposals

The Directors recommend that a time limit is imposed on purchase proposals; if there is no ongoing activity (i.e. discussion on the Google Group), the proposal should expire two months after it was first posted. The vote will be to accept this limit or reject it.
Unanimous approval.

Socket set has gone missing

The small socket set has vanished. There has already been an appeal for it to be returned, but it has not turned up. Taking Hackspace equipment without permission is theft.


ARo: Bicycle maintenance stand, was proposed but proposal saw resistance so didn't get purchased. Now wish to loan bike stand. To be stored on equipment shelves.

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