BOTLab members' meeting 14 May 2019

Date/time and location: 7pm, 14 May 2019 at the Hackspace
Adjourned to 7.30pm
Adjourned to 7pm, 22 May 2019 at the Hackspace
Adjourned to 7.30pm, then declared quorate by chair as per articles of association

This was a General Meeting.

  • Directors' report
  • Incident review
  • Minor changes to documents accepted at AGM
  • Inductions Guide
  • Fate of RepRap
  • Fate of RepRap computer
  • Fate of BFB printer
  • Clean Up day for G10
  • Lockers in G11
  • Proposals
  • AOB

Members: Emily G, Ben T, Edd M, John S, Russ D, Tom G, John D, Katja, Ross M

Directors: Nick G (chair), Russ C, Ryan, Felix

Apologies: Richard S, Matt G

Directors' report

  • New Directors appointed successfully
  • Change to C.I.C. successful
  • Insurance
  • Sign up form went down and was replaced
  • Open Studios
  • Website and wiki now slightly more GDPR compliant
  • Children's Scrapstore card
  • Now enforcing new rules and guidelines


Condition of laser cutter
RC: Laser cutter wasn't evacuating fumes, fan on wall was blocked. Honeycomb bed full of wood glue, dust etc, fire hazard. Chamber at back needed cleaning. All signs show poor maintenance. Some maintenance has now been done, however not up to scratch.
FH: Regular maintenance weekends?
NG: Former maintenance weekends weren't attended.
RH: Possibility of incentive? Laser cutter discount?
RC: Championing more important, i.e. Biohack, wood lathe etc.
TG: Log book for laser?
RC: Form was stuck to it, but ignored.
RH: Put lathe maintenance on wiki.
TG: Aircraft have physical book.
TG: First person to use carries out maintenance?
JD: Physical access tricky.
RC: Card access control messages. FH & RC to address.

Sharp edge on bandsaw table
RC: Walking past bandsaw table, sharp enough to shave arm hairs, solved by filing edge.
RH: Manufacturing defect?
RC: Yes.

Actions taken from report of non-member using bandsaw and Nic Marshall's equipment
NG: Contacted non-member's friends to ask them to address the issue with him. NM happy with solution.

Side cutters found with damage from cutting live wire
RC: Most likely cause cutting live wire @ high power.
NG: Just don't cut live wires in the Hackspace.
EM: It sounds obvious, but we still have to point this out!

Evidence of minor electrical fire on light fitting
RC: Reported to building owner.

Sanded knuckles
NG: Member reported accident on belt sander due to own negligence. Advise to be careful and don't wear gloves.

Minor changes to membership guide documents

Resolution to accept minor changes to membership guide documents. Initial vote will be to accept all changes, if this fails, each change will be voted on individually.

  1. Safe Working Guide (Google Docs)
    1. Removed induction stuff into its own guide.
    2. Altered wording of first sentence under Responsibilities to clarify the responsibility for others’ safety.
    3. Edited first paragraph of Reporting Risks to clarify making hazards safe and improve requirements of alerting other members.
  2. Fair Use Guide (Google Docs)
    1. Added “Becoming a Director” to list of ways to give back to Hackspace.
  3. Guests and Children Guide (Google Docs)
    1. Added an extra bullet point at the beginning regarding cleanliness of Hackspace.
  4. Stuff, Storage, and Stickers Guide (Google Docs)
    1. Moved Consumables out to be it’s own heading instead of being lumped under Donated Hackables.
  5. BV Studios Guide (Google Docs)
    1. Added a sentence about the signs on the skips having more information under Bins and Recycling.
    2. Added a sentence to Fire Procedures about calling 999.

Accepted unanimously.

Inductions Guide

Resolution to accept new Inductions Guide into official membership guide documents. (

Accepted unanimously.

Fate of RepRap

NG: Vote to move RepRap onto museum shelves. If this vote fails, alternative solutions will be discussed and voted on in turn until a solution is agreed.
TG: Is there space? NG: Yes. BT: could be hosted on Biohack.

12 votes for, 3 votes against. Passed.

Fate of RepRap computer

NG: Vote to remove RepRap computer to Donated Hackables. If this vote fails, alternative solutions will be discussed and voted on in turn until a solution is agreed.
RD: Software for scanning. NG: to be rescued.

14 votes for, 1 vote against. Passed.

Fate of BFB printer

Vote to remove BFB printer to Donated Hackables. (NG) If this vote fails, alternative solutions will be discussed and voted on in turn until a solution is agreed.
Agreed unanimously.

Cleanup event for G10

RC: May also include G11 if time after G10 tidied.
NG: Date?
RC: Weekend 25/26 May or 8/9 June.
FH: Go for 8/9 June so can advertise.
RC to organise.

Metal lockers in G11

NG: Vote to remove them as they are taking up storage space and are used by only four members.
RM: I need the space.
JD: Accessibility.
FH: Space for project boxes.

8 votes for, 4 votes against, 3 abstain. Passed.

NG & JD discussed alternative arrangements for accessible project box storage after meeting and came up with mutually agreed solution in Biohack corner. Agreed by JD, Directors and Biohack.


  • Hoverboard battery: Needs 1 member and 1 Director. RD, JD & NG now support. RC to purchase and claim back money.
  • Sublimation printer inks onto consumables list. KH: expensive but decent amount of use from each one (225 A4 pages). RH: How expensive? KH: £30-40 each colour. RH: Fair use would cover asking permission. FH: Covered under consumables procedure. TG: Shelf life? KH: Years. Unanimous. NG to add to consumables list.
  • Cooling solution for CNC mill (~£120) FH: we need it to replace former (broken) solution. We think best solution is tiny version of laser chiller. RH: Neat solution for problem in had. FH: Proposal includes tubing and barbs. RC: DIY solution not good in my experience. Unanimous. RH to purchase.
  • Mop bucket. Unanimous. RM to purchase.


Last minute request to add section to BV Studios Guide in response to P2P file sharing on HS PCs. (FH)
FH: Can I add section to BV Studios Guide about P2P sharing on BV Studios network? NG: Wording to be approved via Google Group. FH: OK. Unanimous.

Increase in members using Nic's tools
Has been observed. NM does not want physical barrier.
FH: Floor paint to show delineation.
RD: Tape?
NG: Card access control?
FH: NM is receptive to the idea.

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