BOTLab members' meeting 04/04/2019

7pm, 04/04/2019 at the Hackspace. Adjourned from 28/03/2019. Please attend or provide a proxy vote if possible as the previous meeting was adjourned due to insufficient attendance.

Directors: Matt G (chair), Russ, Ryan, Felix
Attendees: Oliver, Pam, John D, Tom, Alex, Nick, Johnny T, Charlotte, Richard S (Proxy), Tom G (slightly late), Katya (slightly late), Choco J (Slightly late).

Incident Review

DOL starter on electronics bench

Matt G: Mains wiring on electronics bench, tape connectors and switched earth. After consultation will be replaced with junction box with gripped flex.
Joe D: Earth not disconnected when switching.
Russ: Need to clear up installation, this isn't clear.

Bandsaw blade breaking

Matt G: Badsaw blade broken, blade everywhere. Near miss.
Ryan: Due to cutting inappropriate material.
Matt: Was person who broke it, unsure how to report
Matt G: Incident book, google group. Blade damaged prior to use by Matt probably due to cutting metal. Signage in place now.
Matt: Any plans for metal blade?
Ryan: Not provided by hackspace, can be sourced by members however the bandsaw is not necessarily rated for it.

Alex cut himself with own hole saw

Authorising materials for the laser cutter

Current approved materials for reference
Nottinghack materials list
London hackspace materials list

Felix: Our list is woefully incomplete, before we get to the topic of adding new material we should copy nottinghack/londons list. Agreed by unanimous vote.
Matt G: Adding new materials should be done by contacting committee/future possible laser group with data on materials. Agreed by unanimous vote.
Tom G: Should we create a laser group right now?
Russ: We can create the email group and work out members as we go.
Matt G: Anyone interested in joining please email committee.
Joe D: Where will line be drawn on materials? For example Polycarb vs MDF.
Matt G: From a safety perspective primarily.
Matt G: So the action is we will copy nottinghack materials list, contact the committee for approval in the time being and we will work on creating a laser maintainer group.

Proposals Review

Matt G: 2 Powertool proposals, both now here.
Alex: Drills now present, new drill draw under bench.
Matt G: Sander here, not yet in use as extract not hooked up.
Matt G: Part of proposal to auction off drills. 2x DeWalt drills and charger.
Alex: Alex agrees to buy drills for £10.


Sanding discs and belts

Matt G: New belts and disks for consumable lists.
Ryan: Aluminium Oxide belts needed for metal, please disconnect extraction when using metal.

Glue sticks

Matt G: Update list with correct size glue sticks for new guns.

Both items added to consumables list via unanimous vote.

BV Open Doors weekend

Hackspace participation.
Manning G10, G11 etc.
Things on demo and member projects etc
Donation for advertising and running costs.

Russ: Upcoming BV Open weekend, call for people to be here and show off projects. Space may not be suitable for big project use during this time.
Matt G: Should see if bot builders are available.
Russ: Finally Robert has asked for donation for to cover open studios. £50 donated last year, proposal to to do same passed by unanimous vote.

Any Other Business

Matt: Progress on tool sharpening proposal?
Ryan: Facebook listing from proposal still available, good deal as it includes accessories.
Matt G: Anyone interested see written proposal that is still live.
Matt: Will this replace grinder?
Ryan: No, to prevent abuse sharpener will be in cupboard with grinder still out.

Russ: Robert trialling LED lights in hackspace as lights are a batch problem in entire wing. Vast improvement.

Ryan: Call for inductors for the workshop equipment as urgently needed.

Formal guidelines for proxy input to meetings - Richard S
Russ: No clear published info for how to register proxy vote.
Matt G: We will check constitution and publish via wiki/google group.

Alex: Volunteering to create standardised signage on all equipment.
Matt G: Bring it to next meeting for showing.

Russ: Penny, prior admin person, leaving and BV are doing a collection. Committee would like to contribute £50. Passed via unanimous vote, plus vote of thanks.

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