BOTLab members' meeting 08 Jan 2019

Date/time and location: 7pm, 08 Jan 2019 at the Hackspace

  • Incident review
  • Committee news/update
  • Ring-fenced fund for Laser Cutter
  • Winter Seasonal All Gender Inclusive Party and Hebocon feedback + thanks
  • G10 rearrange update & thanks
  • CNC Developments
  • Lathe Developments
  • New server shutdown
  • Induction days
  • Proposals
  • AOB

Members: Emily G, Ben T, Joe D, John D, Richard L, Felix H, Arwyn R, Olly C, Sam C, Chris (J) W, Toby S, Alex R, Tom G, CJ S, Oliver H, John W, Steve T, Katja H

Committee: Nick G (minutes), Russ C, Matt G (minutes), Toby S

Apologies: Ian AS


Equipment left on. Wall heaters are often left on.
NG: please remember to turn them off as they cost money. It is simple to check things are powered off, please do if you leave last.

Committee report

Accounts 2017-2018 preview/update

NG: Account records have gone to accountants. Accounts should be available for AGM in March. As always summary of finances available on wiki.

RFID card access for equipment

MG: RFID on laser needs replacing. CNC mill and metal lathe require access control. Sub group are preparing system. To be approved at AGM.
OC: Have contact who is helping a Brussels makerspace will pass on details to RC.
MG: New bandsaw seems to have been misused. Access control may help.
TG: Extend RFID card to everything, such as electronics benches?
MG: Non-members wouldn't be able to use.
NG: Members have to supervise, could turn on benches for guests.
SC: Would show accountability.
MG: System should be extendable and scaleable, so could be added to any equipment.
MG: Should we use as sign in system?
Answer: No complaints.
NG: Note that we are documenting the system so it can be maintained by others.

Laser billing

NG: IAS preparing second round of invoices. Will have terms for payment. So far collected £1330ish.
OH: Any plans to reduce charge for laser cutter use?
NG: No.

Ring-fenced fund for Laser Cutter

NG: Was required when laser bought. Never been implemented. The hackspace has grown and we have sufficient income to cover any consumables.
Fund not to be set up by majority vote.

Winter Seasonal All Gender Inclusive Party and Hebocon feedback + thanks

RC: Thanks for Xmas party. Hebocon went well. Lots of members attended. Clear up was easy. Contemplating another social event.

G10 rearrange update & thanks

MG: G11 rearrange took a weekend, encouraged us to tackle G10. G10, despite being smaller, took more than a weekend. We have almost completed a big bench in the centre, allows multiple people to work at same time. Thanks to Toby Scott for making bench. Storage under bench. Eliminated daisy-chained extension cables. When bench finished will drop power down to bench. Lathe needs moving still. Need to tweak laser chiller. We are having another session 12th January 2019 from 10am, please come along to help. Should be complete after.
NG: Thanks a lot everybody who turned up to help and to MG for organising.

CNC Developments

JD: Will be able to work on it in a week and a half.
MG: Should organise a day to work it.
NG: Could we look at it on Saturday?
JD: Axes are moving. Water circuit needs completing then mill needs to be reassembled.
RC: Jonny T pointed out issues with placement of water circuit, could JD please liase with JT to make sure everything is up to scratch.

Metal Lathe Developments

RC: We have had compound slide and tailstock back from refurbushers. Still need an event to commission it. Gearbox leaking oil still. Drivebelt covered in oil. Also needs to be moved.
MG: Should be moved on Saturday.
RC: Have been in touch with Vigilance about 4 jaw chuck, even they don't know where it is.

New server shutdown

TS: At last committee meeting we talked about consolidating web presence. New server has seen little work, so committee have proposed to shut it down unless a member volunteers to develop it - membership databases, wiki, everything. We have decided to cut our losses. Can always set up a new one if necessary.
Vote: Shut down server?
Unanimous yes.

Induction days

NG: Thinking of setting up a semiregular induction day event, as many inductors as possible for a day.
SC: Pre-induction information should be promoted more.
NG: Induction manuals for each machine, like already exists for reprap.
Discussion shows wide agreement, laser cutter manual being worked on by multiple members.


New 3D printer to replace Reprap (Large proposal)

AR: Supervision issue as per Google group.
NG: Happy to recommend that the printer is normally supervised, long prints must seek permission from Google group.
Pass proposal: unanimous yes plus two proxy votes (RDH & Mike T)


RC: How found about meeting? Google group, mailchimp or Facebook?
Word of mouth: 7
Google group: 10
Mailchimp: 6
Facebook: 3

MG: Has there always been a hole in the floor here?
JD: Yes. Vacuumed rocks out of it.

JD: Bought a large broom. Pay me back?
Unanimous yes.
JD: Proposal to buy a new set aof allen keys.
MG: Allen keys we currently have not fit for purpose.
Unanimous yes.

TS: AGM coming up in Marchish. Some committee members stepping down, leaving two committee posts available. Please put yourself forward!

C(J)W: BV Studios cards. Still waiting, have been contacting Penny Jones.
NG: Nothing we can do if you're already in contact with BV Studios.

JD: Use of Nic M's tools. Most members can't use, some have permission from Nic directly. Trying to start dialogue with NM to facilitate use of his tools and implement RFID card system. May have to do proposal to buy tools for the hackspace to prevent use of NM's tools. Where does liability lie? Keep an eye out for my proposals.
NG: Consider simply proposing tools to prevent temptation.

SC: Engraving machine - have found new clamp, engraver etc.

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