BOTLab members' meeting 12 Nov 2018

Date/time and location: 7pm, 12 Nov 2018 at the Hackspace

  • Incident review
  • Committee news / update
  • Seasonal winter party 13 Dec.
    • Crappy Robots
  • CNC Developments.
  • Lathe Developments.
  • G11 rearrange update + thanks.
  • G10 rearrange proposal
  • AOB

Members: Chris JW, Richard Laurence, Felix H, Alex R, Joe D, Chris T, Chocko J, Joe B
Late to arrive: Tom G

Committee: Matt G, Chair. Russell C, Minuets.

Apologies: Nick G

Shelf overloaded - Resolved by Chris J White (the other one) replacing the shelving brackets with stronger units.

Committee report
BV studios card had issues after major upgrade. A number of door access cards 'broke' as a result and needed reissuing.

Seasonal winter party 13 Dec
Mead will be ready.
Crappy Robots competition, sort of a Hebocon, to take place.
Budget for sundries Robots bits. Unanimous vote for Micro proposal up to proposal limit (£50): Libby Actioned.
Budget Snacks + drinks discusses.
Unanimous vote for snacks Micro proposal up to limit(£50)
Raffle to be run for comedic effect - Prises to be donated by membership.

CNC Developments
Joe D Making good progress. XYZ driving. Almost wired + water cooling done.
Approx 90% complete.

Metal Lathe Developments
Lathe delivered.
4 Jaw chuck en-route.
Snagging and some feedback to suppliers regarding servicing to be done.
Lathe group commissioning and writing a induction process for it - part of the G10 rearrange.
Lathe team implementing chuck key lockout system to prevent miss use and accident.

G11 rearrange update
All feedback has been of a glowingly good nature.
Bristol Bot Builders likes it for the workshops they've run here. They noted that they were able to segregate visitors from the heavier machinery and tooling in G10.

G10 rearrange proposal
Matt G explained that an Email was circulated to all members for feedback regarding ideas for the room. From these comments he has formulated a new layout which has taken into account as many comments as is reasonably practicable.

  • Top Comments From Members
  • Universal agreement that workspace in G10 is inadequate.
  • G10 looking unkempt.
  • Storage - specifically disorganised
  • Lighting - insufficient. Landlord does not fulfil his obligation to maintain lighting.
  • LEDs (non-strobing) suggested by Choco J and 3 other members.
  • Laser positioned inefficiently.
  • Danger of rotating machinery ejecting a chuck key (Chuck key lockout system already in process by lathe team.)

Layout scheme was presented by Matt G.

NOTE: Height of benches to be national kitchen standard.

  • Proposal vote results
  • Unanimous vote: Good idea.
  • Unanimous vote: Budget £600.
  • Unanimous vote: Date 24/25th Nov.
  • Unanimous vote: Pizza + refreshments to be supplied out of budget. YAY!!

It was noted by Joe D that there was a selection of small hand tools missing from G11. This observation was backed up by several other members. A wire stripper and a number of glue guns were of particular interest. Discussion did not indicate any suggestion that this was natural shrinkage ie breakage (and binned), loss, or theft.
Solution: Simply replace 'missing' tools and other small pieces of equipment.
Solution: Proposal system to be used for replacement.

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