BOTLab members' meeting 17 July 2018

Date/time and location: 7pm, 17 July 2018 at the Hackspace

  • Incident review
  • Committee news / update
  • CNC mill proposal
  • Disconnected earth on mains cable
  • Oscilloscope damaged?
  • AOB
  • Nick G
  • Matt G
  • Ian A-S
  • Tom G
  • Toby S
  • Russell C
  • Nick M
  • Richard L
  • Sam F
  • Jonny T
  • Emily G

Russell C wishes to note that that the meeting commenced with the clearing of substantial bags of crap off the plotter.

Incident review - only incident is the disconnect scope earth, to be discussed later.

Committee news - Russell and Matt met with Robert the building manager. Progress has been made in sorting a a new licence/lease. Robert also mentioned that we are often in breech of housekeeping rules - in particular: Setting off fire alarms, Bikes in the corridor, Use of non-hired spaces. Requested we pass these rules on to our members more effectively.

Matt G suggests rolling the building rules into the forthcoming CoC. Tom G suggests timely reminders of rules, eg 6 monthly.

(Nick M asks when the laser card reader will be fixed. Solutions outlined.)

Joe D asks about writing new clauses into the licence such as changing the door or the ring mains. Matt G explains that Robert does not want to enter into custom licences, but he is willing to listen to custom requirements for our use of the space (eg updating the back door lock, new sockets) but will not enter into these discussions until the licence is in place. Similarly, fixing the broken lights is his responsibility under the licence, but doesn't intend to do it until the licence is in place.

Nick M outlined the proposal.

Toby S asks how the membership can be sure they will be getting a good mill?

Nick M explains that point of the focus group is it is a trusted group who will ensure a good mill is purchased. So we are effectively voting on the trustworthyness of the group.

Toby S asks where is the space to put it?

Nick M explains that it is a desktop mill, similar in size to the new 3d printer, and will fit on the benches in G10 with some condensation. Also, with the upcoming rearrange of G11, the space can be assured.

Russell C asks if fetching distance is considered.

Ian A-S thinks we should trial the focus group idea.

Nick G agrees, but thinks it should be actively decided on each time.

Nick G asks that at least 3 members of the focus group is named before his support is lent to the proposal.

Tom G clarifies that we are effectively voting to approve a focus group to purchase the machine. Is that “a mill”, or “a specific mill”, or “a mill with this or better spec”.

Nick G answers that the proposal specifics a mill of Novamill spec or better.

Russell C points out that ebay isn't the only source of 2nd hand industrial machinery out there, and resellers/auctions etc are also out there.

Tom G points out that this is a large departure from our current way of buying things. After discussion the room generally considers that this is more of a trail than a permanent change in our way of doing things.

Tom G points out that the specification should include “what is achievable” (eg: can do X with aluminium, Y with plastic)

Members willing to be on the focus group: - Nick M - Jonny T - Joe D - Ian A-S

Fifth TBC.

Committee support: Nick G, Ian A-S, Matt G, Toby S, Russell C

Membership support: Unanimous except Tom G, plus proxy vote Ed R.

Toby S - Hackspace should not have any cables where the earth can be defeated. There is no reason to have them in the space.

Joe D - Can think of some reasons to have these plugs, but will remove the ones he wants to his house!

Toby S - Proposes: All Standard removable leads (eg IEC) with removable plugs will be disposed of. Unanimously approved. Actioned to everyone at the termination of this meeting.

Tom G - Explains that a scope cannot be floated safely.

Tom G - Wishes to get hold of correct probes to ensure members do not need to float the scope.

Toby S - Proposal: Let's get the scopes re-PAT-tested

Tom G - This will tell us that the equipment is good today, but is useless tomorrow. We need good procedures too.

Ian A-S - What about new equipment that comes in?

Jonny T - Do we need a sign? Should we pat test incoming equipment?

Tom G - Pat testing scopes will help, but other components inside scopes need checking by a qualified person, eg: Tom G / John H.

Matt G - Suggests setting aside all scopes for scope nerd expert use only, and keeping one out for general workhorse use. Then we only need to keep an eye on one scope. r Ian A-S - What else can we do? Beyond pat testing and specialist repair.

Russell C - Better signage would help - current message is lost at the bottom of a paragraph of text.

Russell C - Something else to help would be to install an advanced RCD on the test bench rail with an obvious isolation point.

Ian AS and Toby S think that this should be actioned by the committee at the next meeting.

Tom G - This system should be installed by a specialist. How about John W?

Ian A-S - Would this stop a floating scope?

Joe D - No, but it would trip if you got shocked.

Richard S - Did we decide to re-pat test?

Ian A-S - we don't need to propose, it's H&S.


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