BOTLab members' meeting 13 Mar 2018

Date/time and location: 7pm, 13 Mar 2018 at the Hackspace

  • Incident review
  • Committee news / update
  • DNH labels
  • Insurance Documents
  • Skillshares
  • AGM date
  • AOB

Members: John W, Tom G, Nick M

Committee: Russ C, Toby S (minutes)

Apologies: Nick G


TG found bare Stanley blades on a table. He disposed of the blades in the sharps bin.

TS propose to monitor the situation to see if it's a single occurrence.

TG suggests only having retractable bladed knives.

JW noted a skateboard press had a protruding rod and has moved that to the sheet materials storage area.

NM very unhappy that nobody has come forward about the damage to his project.

He wanted to know the relationship / liability between Hackspace and him / BV members regarding damage.

Need to more clearly identify Nicks's half of G10 as it's easy to miss the boundary.

RC suggests adding motion activated CCTV with local rolling storage to cover a week or month.

It would help deter / identify the few incidents that do occur.

TS not sure of data protection implications. Take it to the AGM

Committee report

RC has replaced the first aid kits.

Website redeployed as Symbiosis (Debian based) by TS. RC passed on invite from Nottingham Hackspace to come and visit. No further progress on website.

Do Not Hack

JW has updated the DNH labels

RC suggests adding year as a back up

Insurance Documents

TS uploaded current documents to Insurance


JW In the last 15 months 9 have been successfully run but there is now a low interest in skillshares, he will stop doing them after the next one.

AGM date

TS we have not yet got our accounts prepared. Suggest 8th May unless we have the accounts ready before that.


TG micro proposal for croc clips, connectors, cables & head magnifier for the elecrtonics area.

JW Large clamped item left on bench which disrupted workshop use for skillshare. Members should take up space for the minimum time reasonable so the space is available for the rest of the membership. If items need moving it would be courtesy to contact people to advice it'd happened.

JW has a skillshare document that gives basic house-keeping / fire exits info. He will send it to the committee for re-use a general hackspace info document.

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