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   * Committee news / update   * Committee news / update
   * Add laser cutter lenses to consumables list   * Add laser cutter lenses to consumables list
-  * Insert your topic here.+  * AGM date
   * AOB   * AOB
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 ===== Attendees ===== ===== Attendees =====
 Members: Members:
-David B. Tom G.+David B. Tom G
 Committee: Committee:
-Russ C. Nick G. Toby S.+Nick G. Russ C. Toby S. (minutes) 
 Apologies:  Apologies: 
 ===== Topics discussed ===== ===== Topics discussed =====
 **Incidents** **Incidents**
 None  None 
 **Committee report** **Committee report**
-NG: Reported sign up troubles cannot be replicated. 
-TS: New VPS should be ready for re-imaging by this week. 
 +NG & TS tested sign-up webpage and couldn't replicate the reported fault.
-**Addition to consumables** 
-NG: Add laser cutter lenses to consumables list. Approved unanimously.  
 +**Consumables list**
-**AOB** +NG: Add laser lenses to consumables list. Unanimously approved. 
-Empty post tray. Removed old correspondence to persons unknown. NG emailed 3 members who have small packets to collect. + 
-None+**AGM date** 
 +Set for 13th March, instead of the existing member meeting.
 +New room layout seems popular, Russ C has had positive feedback.
 +Christmas party was a great success.
 +Emptied post tray & removed correspondence to persons unknown.
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