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 ===== Attendees ===== ===== Attendees =====
-Members:+Members: ​John D, Richard L, Tom G
-Committee:+Committee: ​Nick G (minutes), Ian A-S, Arthur A
-Apologies: ​+Apologies: ​Toby S
 ===== Topics discussed ===== ===== Topics discussed =====
 **Incidents** **Incidents**
-  *+  *NG: None reported apart from laser cutter
 **Laser** **Laser**
 +  *NG: Health and safety issue of radiation coming through air vents.
 +  *RL: Contact manufacturer
 +  *TG: Been discussed in the past, it should be addressed ASAP.
 +  *RL: When laser cutter is up and running, put a plate across vents, leaving air gap.
   *What failed?   *What failed?
 +  *IA-S: Wait for Russ C to check PSU tomorrow.
   *Reason?   *Reason?
 +  *IA-S: Don't know!
   *sourcing replacement parts UK or China?   *sourcing replacement parts UK or China?
 +  *IA-S: 1 year warranty on PSU from JAS.
 +  *NG: If it is PSU, get in touch with JAS.
-**Extraction** +**G10 Dust Extraction** 
-  *Nic has a proposal open +  *NG: Nic has a proposal open. New or old? 
-  *New or old+  *JD & AA: New
 +  *TG: What about maintenance?​ What's easiest to use if people don't empty? 
 +  *IA-S: Fix current ​old air filtration, someone needs to get bits and fix it. 
 +  *AA: Ask for volunteers. 
 +  *IA-S: ACTION contact Nic M to make proposal clearer. 
 +**Hardinge Lathe** 
 +  *IA-S: Decided to sell in last committee meeting, but nothing was done. ACTION contact John W to find how much was spent and put up for sale.
 **AOB** **AOB**
-  * +  *RL: Bills for laser cutter? 
-  *+  *AA: Will get around to it. How to accept payments? 
 +  *IA-S: BACS, preferably, cash, cheques. 
 +  *AA: Some users have a lot of debt. 
 +  *IA-S: Give a month after asking for payment, then chase up. 
 +  *AA: What threshold to chase up payment? 
 +  *IA-S: £5. 
 +  *AA: ACTION bring list of people owing money to next committee meeting 
 +  *TG: Improve number of electrical sockets in certain areas of G11: electronics area 
 +  *IA-S: Combine with getting more sockets in G10.
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